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This weekend’s non-Animal Collective shows

This weekend’s big indie ticket is Animal Collective out in Alpharetta, but there are some great local options happening ITP as well.  Behold…

The Sour Notes, Venice is Sinking, Lille, Elaine Greer – Friday, July 8th – Highland Inn Ballroom

Austin’s The Sour Notes will be in town to support Last Looks, their recently released fourth full length. The self-released album is packed with expressive pop songs built on male/female vocals, bright keyboards, and nervy DIY energy. Sometimes the guitars swoon; at others they chug along with a tense folk-punk momentum. The dependably wonderful Venice is Sinking opens, along with Lille and Elaine Greer.

[MP3] The Sour Notes – Hot Pink Flares

Hip to Death, Mind Powers, Monitors, Swank Sinatra – Friday, July 8th – The Drunken Unicorn

Hip to Death‘s recently released Punk Will Never Die But You Will is a 25-minute throat-punch of filthy, distorted post-punk. The songs blast out at you obliquely, with the band preferring to kick up a cloud of noise around each tune rather than just playing it straight. The result is a satisfyingly visceral album that ranks among the most enjoyable local releases I’ve heard this year. Openers Mind Powers opt for a more straightforward noise-rock stomp. I called them “generic Mclusky worship” after catching their set at Secret Stages, but I might revise that opinion a bit after hearing their Ampeaters EP (get it free here). I still think they sound quite a bit like Mclusky (it’s all in the bass), but they attack the noise-punk blueprint with an enthusiasm that shows a lot of potential. And like I said before, there are worse things than sounding like Mclusky. Monitors and Swank Sinatra also open.

[MP3] Hip to Death – No Wave

BeATLanta House Show Fest – Saturday, July 9th – BeATLanta House (197 Howell Drive)

Local music blog BeATLanta is celebrating their two year anniversary with an epic day-and-night-long house show featuring 15 bands on 2 stages. They’ve put together an impressive list of bands that includes Small Reactions, Hip to DeathWhat Happened to Your Fire Tiger?, and Charges, among others. Jungol will close out the night. Admission is $5, and that also gets you unlimited beer from the kegs. More details (including a tentative schedule) can be found here.

Noot d’ Noot, Mathis Hunter and the Rinse, Carnivores – Saturday, July 9th – The Earl

I probably don’t even need to push this one – it’s going to be packed.  Your $5 cover also gets you the third entry in the Live at The Earl 7″ series.  Noot d’ Noot puts on one of the best shows in town, so it’s definitely worth it.


[LIVE REVIEW] Secret Stages Music Festival in Birimingham, AL

Noot d' Noot

There were a number of unknowns surrounding the first-ever Secret Stages music festival in Birmingham, AL.  I knew it had a good lineup, but I didn’t know how it would function as a festival.  Would it feel like a unified event, or just a bunch of loosely connected shows taking place during the same weekend?  Would each individual venue stick to their schedule?  Would anybody show up?

Luckily, the answers to those questions were good ones.  Secret Stages definitely felt like an interconnected festival.  There was a central, blocked off area in downtown Birmingham that served as the main hub, with vendors, an outdoor stage, and several of the participating venues all situated around the same city block.  All of the other venues were nearby, too, so it never took more than few minutes to get from one place to another.  Furthermore, they all had prominent Secret Stages placards displaying their schedule out front, and they miraculously stuck to that schedule for most of the weekend.   There were a couple of logistical issues that I’ll talk about later, but for the most part the festival was run smoothly.

Plus, the music was just great.  Almost all of the lineup was composed of emerging bands from the Southeast, and the organizers had clearly done their homework.  In this case, “emerging” never meant “your friend’s brother’s bar band that plays locally 3 times a year.”  There were a ton of genuinely talented bands that look like they have great things on the horizon.

So, how was the attendance?  I would say it was about what I expected.  When the biggest names in your lineup are The Love Language, G-Side, and Dawes, you’re not going to be drawing massive crowds.  This festival is a celebration of under-the-radar bands, so they’re catering to a smaller crowd of music lovers willing to seek out the unfamiliar, and I would say they were successful in drawing in that crowd.  The club shows all seemed like they were more well-attended than they would have been under non-festival circumstances.  I think a lot of bands probably played to crowds 2 or 3 times the size of what they would have drawn had they booked an unrelated show on another weekend.  That’s especially impressive when you consider the fact that there was a ton of scheduling overlap among the 11 stages.

Day by day breakdown of what I saw below.

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This week’s shows (3/28/2011-4/3/2011)

Cut Copy

Cut Copy, Holy Ghost! – Monday, March 28The Masquerade (Heaven)

There’s no way around it – Cut Copy‘s Zonoscope is the most disappointing album I’ve heard this year.  My expectations were really high, though.  I don’t think it’s a bad album, but I do think it’s several steps behind 2008’s fantastic In Ghost Colours.  With that said, tonight’s show at The Masquerade should still be a hell of a lot of fun.  Recent setlists appear to generously mix older tracks and Zonoscope highlights, and it’s not like the Australian electro-poppers make it through Atlanta all that often.  Plus, openers Holy Ghost! are definitely worth showing up early.  They’re on DFA, and they sound like it.

Free Moral Agents

Free Moral Agents DJ Set, DT performing The Yes Project, A: the Color, Roommate – Monday, March 28 – 529

If you’re not up for Cut Copy, this is a good alternative that will cost you a full $22 less (meaning it’s free).  Free Moral Agents is the side project of Mars Volta keyboardist Ikey Owens, and they’ve apparently stuck around town since their headlining show at The Drunken Unicorn on Saturday.  They head out tomorrow for a string of dates with locals Odist, and this show will act as a send-off party.  Before FMA starts spinning some records, DT of Clan Destined will perform material from his ambitious release The Yes Project, A: the Color will play some shifty prog-pop, and Chicago’s Roommate will occupy the space between glitchy electronica and live rock.  This is an early show – it starts at 8.

what Gobble Gobble sounds like

Gobble Gobble, Wowser Bowser, Qurious – Wednesday, March 30 – Drunken Unicorn

Canada’s Gobble Gobble built some strong buzz last year after a string of hyperactive electro-pop singles that sound like Dan Deacon with less music theory degrees.  The live show is supposed to appropriately crazy.  They’ll also have great support on Wednesday from locals Wowser Bowser and Qurious.

The Clap

The Clap, Mood Rings, Red Sea, Shepherds – Friday, April 1 – Noni’s

This show is a 4-way release party – all the performing bands are putting out cassettes on Pink House TapesMood Rings and Red Sea will be releasing their respective debut EPs on cassette (both of which I highly recommend), noise-poppers The Clap are putting out their new Juvenile Cassingle, and Shepherds are unveiling their Holy Stain EP.  Holy Stain was previewed in the form of a free 4 track teaser put out by Double Phantom Digital last week (get it here).  There will be box sets of all 4 cassettes available at the show.

Little Tybee

Little Tybee (album release), Venice is Sinking,  Do It Julia – Saturday, April 2 – The Earl

Little Tybee’s second album is easily one of the most anticipated local releases of the year.  It seems like everybody in town loves this band, and for good reason.  Their layered orchestral-pop is distinctive and undeniably well-crafted.  Athens’ Venice is Sinking and Asheville’s Do It Julia open.

More listings after the jump.

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Christmas music that doesn’t suck (and for a good cause!)

I don’t typically like Christmas music.  Never have, really.  That’s not an opinion you can just casually drop in public, either – you will be judged.  For whatever reason, there’s a lot of people out there who think there’s something seriously wrong with someone who doesn’t like Christmas music, like it’s a sign that you’re a joyless sociopath or something.

My biggest hurdle with Christmas music is that it’s usually performed by performers I don’t much care for.  The holiday season isn’t going to make me suddenly tolerant of Harry Connick Jr. or Amy Grant.  So, it’s good news to see that Wag-a-Lot’s All Creatures Great and Small compilation features performers I actually do like, including Oryx and Crake, Gringo Star, Soulphonics & Ruby Velle, and Blair Crimmins & the Hookers.  What’s even cooler is that the compilation raises money for the Atlanta Humane Society.

Oryx and Crake will also be playing a holiday benefit show at 529 on December 10th, along with Venice is Sinking and Redharp.  Portions of the money from the door and merch sales will go to the Atlanta Humane Society, too.  You can stream O&C’s take on “Little Drummer Boy” below.  See the full track list and stream the rest of the songs here.

Barroco Music Festival happens this weekend at The Goat Farm

I forgot to include this in my weekly show previews, but it’s definitely worth checking out.  It’s totally free and features 10 great local(ish) bands.  The last free festival at the Goat Farm was one of the best things to go down in Atlanta this year (more about that here), and I expect this one will be just as good.  This time around, the bands cover a different variety of sounds than the last group:  there’s some chamber pop, some folk, some electro-pop.  It’s a solid mix that shows the diversity we have in this town.

[PICS/VIDEO] Venice is Sinking/Tin Cup Prophette at the Woodruff Arts Center, 10/14/2010

More pictures and a video of Venice is Sinking performing “Bardstown Road” below.

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Woodruff Arts Center’s Nights on the Piazza concert series (9/30-10/28)

I didn’t include tonight’s free Sealions/Tealights show at the Woodruff Arts Center in this week’s show round-up because I didn’t know it existed until last night (hat tip to Sealions’ twitter).  Apparently it’s part of the Nights on the Piazza concert series that brings free shows to the Woodruff every Thursday night between September 30th and October 28th.  What’s even cooler is that on those evenings you can get half-price admission to the High Museum between 5 and 8PM.  There will also be food and drinks, but I assume those won’t be free.

Here’s the lineup:

9/30 – Sealions, Tealights

10/7 – Hope for Agoldensummer, TBA

10/14 – Venice is Sinking (!!!), Tin Cup Prophette

10/21 – Evan McHugh, The Well Reds

10/28 – TBA, TBA

The bands play at 7 and 8 each night, so they ought to be over in time for you to catch other Thursday night shows.  Like the sure to be awesome Marnie Stern show on October 28th, or any of Star Bar’s free Thursday lineups.  Full details here.