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TONIGHT: Atlanta Music Roundtable presents Nigredo, Lucy Dreams, and The Electric Nature at The Earl

Tonight is the second ever Atlanta Music Roundtable showcase, and I’m really excited about this lineup.  Our goal with AMR has always been to celebrate local music, and I think the 3 acts on tonight’s bill are among the area’s best emerging bands.  The night will begin with some left field weirdness courtesy of drone enthusiast The Electric Nature.  He doesn’t play locally often, so show up early.  Next up is shoegaze upstarts Lucy Dreams, who pair their dreamy washes of sound with an underlying current of propulsion.  Closing it all out is Nigredo, the mercurial post-metal outfit that might still be Atlanta’s best kept secret.  We’re happy to have all three contribute to what we feel is a pretty diverse and exciting lineup.  Plus, it’s only $5, and what else are you going to be doing on a Tuesday anyway?

Go here for the relevant Facebook page, and go here to read Promising Chord’s excellent interview with Nigredo from earlier this week.

See you at The Earl.  Doors are at 8:30, show at 9:00.


Atlanta Music Roundtable presents….Nigredo, Lucy Dreams, and The Electric Nature at The Earl, 3/27/12

Our December show went so well that we couldn’t wait 12 months to do another one, so here we are.  The second ever AMR show and the first of 2012. We chose three acts that we feel are among the area’s most promising up-and-comers.  Come out and hear tension and release from post-rock pummelers Nigredo, dreamy waves of shoegaze from Lucy Dreams, and expansive psychedelic soundscapes from The Electric Nature.   This is a group that might not typically share a stage, but there’s a sonic adventurousness to all three that we feel ties the bill together.  Cover is $5.

If you are unfamiliar with the Atlanta Music Roundtable, go here to catch up.  Then check out samples from all three acts below.

Tickets here.  RSVP here.


Lucy Dreams

The Electric Nature

[STREAM] The Electric Nature – “Dungeon”

I first heard The Electric Nature (the solo project of Atlanta musician Michael Potter) back in January when he released Space Face, an album of spaced-out drones and electronic psychedelia that went down smoothly.  Two months later and he’s already put out a new 80+ minute full length, with plans to release another one in April.  Busy guy.

The new one is called Mount Analogue, and it finds Potter trading in some of the cool placidity of Space Face for a darker, noisier aesthetic.  The drones sound more subterranean than extraterrestrial this time around, with a couple of the tracks bordering on the type of tectonic doom found on Boris’ grimiest releases.  “Dungeon” is one of those tracks.  It’s a dense mix of rumbling analog synths and tones that sound somewhere between a gong being struck and a Gregorian chant.  These sounds give it an otherworldly spiritual quality, which is appropriate since the album was named after René Daumal’s novel Mount Analogue, one of the primary inspirations for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s cult classic The Holy Mountain.  “Dungeon” would sound great scoring a Jodorowsky film, actually.

Stream “Dungeon” below and buy the album here. It is being sold physically as a double cassette tape in a limited run of 100.