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[VIDEO] Mermaids – Make Believe (live at Star Bar 2/11/11)

The quality isn’t the greatest, but I thought there might be some interest in seeing the new lineup in action.  Honestly, it doesn’t seem like they’ve totally figured out the transition from a 5 piece to a 4 piece yet.  Josh Hughes’ guitar is definitely missed, and so are the vocal harmonies.  That much-discussed Creative Loafing feature indicates they’re working on new material, though, so that’s a good thing – I think it’s fair to assume they will sound more comfortable playing songs written for four people than they do playing songs written for five.

I’m glad they didn’t decide to disband after the lineup changes.  They’re one of my favorite bands in town, and it would have been a shame to see them call it quits after really hitting their stride last year.  Hopefully the new lineup will give them some stability.  I’m definitely pulling for them.


Plenty of good shows this week

No more monthly show calendars. Too many changes and omissions that I don’t notice until it’s too late. I might start doing weekly previews, or I might just put up a preview when there’s something I’m particularly excited about. There’s a lot going on this week, so I figured it was worth a post.

-529 has an promising bill tomorrow night. Popular locals Carnivores headline, with intriguing support in the form of Brooklyn’s Dinosaur Feathers and Raleigh’s Lonnie Walker. I had mixed feelings about the last Carnivores set I saw, but I generally like the band and know they’re capable of better. And the openers sweeten the deal considerably.

-There’s a couple of solid options on Thursday. King Congregation plays a free show at Star Bar, while Young Orchids play The Earl with support from Chattanooga’s Moonlight Bride. King Congregation is pretty raw, Moonlight Bride is polished.  Young Orchids are somewhere in between.  Make your decision accordingly.

-Friday’s best option is Thomas Function at Star Bar. They’re exactly the kind of punky, hooky, bullshit-free garage rock that sounds right at home on Star Bar’s stage.

-Saturday has the unbeatable lineup of JEFF the Brotherhood, The Coathangers, and Heavy Cream at 529 (WYMYNS PRYSYN plays, too, but I can’t vouch for them as I haven’t heard ’em). Batusis, featuring punk/proto-punk lifers Sylvain Sylvain (New York Dolls) and Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys, Rocket From the Tombs), should be great at The Earl, too, but you can catch them at Criminal Records for free earlier that afternoon. Attention System plays a free in-store at Criminal on Saturday as well – they play at 4, Batusis at 5.

Boris plays the Masquerade on Sunday. Russian Circles open. Boris is probably one of my 2 or 3 favorite active bands, so I’m kind of cranky that I’ll be out of town for this one. If you’re in town and have even a passing interest in either heavy or experimental music, you have no excuse for missing this.

Creative Loafing Music Issue + Party @ Star Bar


Last week, Creative Loafing put out their first ever all-music issue. It was mostly good. The Cabbagetown oral history and making of Aquemini pieces were both very well done, and the photo essay was nice. But some of the interviews/conversations went nowhere. The Bradford Cox interview was probably the most egregious example – Cox spent most of the time resisting the subject he was ostensibly being interviewed about and trying to distance himself from both the current and former Atlanta music scenes. He’s always an interesting subject, but the packaging seemed disingenuous. It didn’t mesh with the themes of the rest of the issue, but it was dressed up like it did anyway. At least it was more substantial than the Gentleman Jesse/Coco conversation, which was amusing but slight, and the Frobos/Lopez one, which didn’t even manage to be amusing.

Those minor quibbles aside, I think it was a solid issue and a good effort, and the show they threw to celebrate was a blast. Star Bar’s a great place for a party, and the lineup was a strong representation of the local indie scene.

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live review: Free Energy, Jukebox the Ghost, Miniature Tigers @ Star Bar, 6/3/2010 (pics + setlists)

Free Energy

Jukebox the Ghost

Review, pictures, and setlists for Jukebox the Ghost and Free Energy below.

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live review: Mermaids, Young Orchids @ Star Bar, 5/27/2010


Young Orchids

Short review and some more pics below.

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The N.E.C., Abby Go Go, Predator, The Dirty Lungs @ Star Bar, 4/29/10

The N.E.C.

Abby Go Go

Thank god for Star Bar’s free Thursday shows.  They’re always a good time, but this lineup was particularly solid.

Some more pictures and a review after the jump.

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