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R.I.P. Sorry No Ferrari

I had forgotten that I took some pictures of Sorry No Ferrari’s last show at 529 this past weekend.  Here are a couple of them if you couldn’t make it out.  It’s a shame to see them go, especially since they put out their first full length just last year.  They could do technical and mathy as well as anyone, but they also had buckets more personality than your average instrumental band.  R.I.P.


This week’s shows (2/14/2011-2/20/2011)

Monday (2/14/2011): Valentine’s Day.  If your date is a fan of electronic music, head over to 529:  Hijacking Music is throwing a free Valentine’s Day party with music from B4N533, Tricil, Labels Are Limits, Graham Yoder, and Ghost Party.  There will be a “Cupid’s Cutest Couple Contest,” too.  Single people and couples who don’t give a shit about the holiday will probably be welcome, too. [UPDATE] – Apparently The Black Lips are playing the Clermont Lounge, too.  Not a lot of details yet, but it doesn’t appear to be a private show or anything.

Wednesday (2/16/2011): The night’s best bet is probably at The Earl for math-rockers Sorry No Ferrari, with the like-minded Humboldt Trio and Mog Rocket opening, but there’s also a good option across the street, too.  Eastside Lounge has been putting on some really solid local shows lately, and they’ve got another one lined up for Wednesday, with Glen Iris, Spirit Hair, and The King Congregation.  I hope they keep this up, it’s always nice to have another option (even if the space is kind of strange).  Elsewhere, The Drunken Unicorn has a triple bill of cool electronic pop from locals Wowser Bowser and Qurious, plus South Carolina’s Backseat Dreamer.

Thursday (2/17/2011): The theme of this month’s free Thursday Deluxe at Star Bar is apparently “they’re better live.”  Headliners Little Tybee already have some really good recorded music to their name, but nothing you can stream or download online will truly give you an idea of how much energy Hello Ocho and Reptar put into their respective live shows.  A Fight to the Death side project The Future of Airports will be playing downstairs between sets.  That one is going to be epic.  Howlies, Brass Bed, and Trench Party at The Earl should to be a good time, too.

Friday (2/18/2011): Red Sea, A. Grimes, Soft Powers, and The Leotards play Picaflor Studio on Friday.  Jonathan Richman (with Tommy Larkins) begins a 2 night stand at the Highland Inn Ballroom, but if you’re going to that, you probably don’t need me to remind you.  Dude has some serious fans.  Jesco White was supposed to do his thing at Star Bar, but he canceled.  Pretty surprising, the guy seems like such a professional.

Saturday (2/19/2011): If you haven’t seen The Back Pockets live yet, you really should fix that.  Their live shows are theatrical and participatory, but the songs and performances would be worth your attention regardless.  They celebrate an album release this Saturday at the Big House (368 Ponce de Leon).  Carnivores, Buffalo Bangers, and Bubbly Mommy Gun open.  There’s also Richman night 2 at Highland Inn Ballroom.  More Wowser Bowser, too, this time at 529 with So So Death, Mountain Lion, and Night Moves GoldCousin Dan headlines Star Bar, with Wolves, Machines Are People Too, and Anomine.  Local hardcore throwbacks Predator headline Drunken Unicorn, with Balkans side-project WIFE and Transvestite, which features members of The Coathangers and Thy Mighty Contract.  Finally, there’s Futurebirds, Anna Kramer & the Lost Cause, and Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires at The Earl.

This week’s shows (1/24/2011-1/30/2011)

Sorry No Ferrari

Monday (1/24/2011): Small Reactions released their first 7″ back in November.  I liked it. Unfortunately, they haven’t played live since the accompanying release show, which is a shame because their jangly post-punk goes over really well live.  Make sure to catch them at 529 tonight (it’s a free show, too).  Also on the bill are Cute Boots, The Compartmentalizationalists (Jeffrey Bützer and Claire Lodge), and Curio Museum.

Tuesday (1/25/2011): Tokyo Police Club and Two Door Cinema Club bring their co-headlining tour through Atlanta, and there’s two chances to catch them on Tuesday.  They play a free in-store at Criminal Records at 6:00PM, then again at the Masquerade later that night with the addition of openers Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

Thursday (1/27/2011): Two solid bets for Thursday.  The quiet one:  Adron, Little Tybee, and Justin Evans’ Normaltime Ramblers at The Earl.  The loud one:  The Vaginas, Young Antiques, and Charges at 529.

Friday (1/28/2011): Yo La Tengo (along with Sonic Youth and the reformed Mission of Burma and Dinosaur Jr) exemplify the ideal route for aging indie rockers.  They have an undeniable place in the indie canon, but they continue to release and tour behind new music instead of just coasting through greatest hits sets.  They play Variety Playhouse on Friday with William Tyler.  There’s a strong local metal lineup at 529 featuring Sons of Tonatiuh, Wolves & Jackals, Demonaut, and Black Pussy.

Saturday (1/29/2011): Fans of heavy, technical math rock are going to be very happy this Saturday:  locals Sorry No Ferrari play a free in-store at Criminal Records at 4:00PM, and Athens’ Cinemechanica headline at 529 later that night (Manray and Lazer/Wulf open).  Local mainstays Soulphonics & Ruby Velle headline The Earl with support from Chattanooga’s The DistributionStoneRider, Damon Moon & the Whispering Drifters, and A: the Color play the Drunken Unicorn.  And finally, Imagination Head plays an album release show at Highland Inn Ballroom with Misfortune 500.

[EDIT] – Also on Saturday is the first ever show for Marietta’s Places, who I wrote about a few weeks ago (see that here).  The show will be at MINT Gallery, and Curio Museum and Vocabulary will also perform.