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The Real Benefit for Criminal Records, this Saturday at The Cottage

It would be a shame to see Criminal Records disappear from the local music landscape.  In addition to having the best selection of new vinyl in town, they are really unmatched when it comes to putting on free in-store events.  Criminal is just a great place, one of my favorites in Atlanta, and I’m ecstatic to be co-presenting this Saturday’s benefit show at The Cottage.  Come and see some awesome bands in the name of alleviating Criminal’s financial woes.

The show is also being presented by Wholly Roller, Industrial Strength Promotions, WREK’s Goldsoundz, and Earthshaking Music.  You can RSVP for the event here.  Schedule below.

6:30 A Smart

7:15 Mediocre Machine

7:45 Nomen Novum

8:15 Places

8:45 New Animal

9:30 Small Reactions

10:15 Christ, Lord

11:00 Wowser Bowser (stepping in for Qurious, who’s listed on the flyer but unable to play)

11:45 Reptar

C Riley DJ


[REVIEW] Small Reactions – “Nerve Pop” b/w “Teaser Trailer/Sudden Walks”

Small Reactions‘ second 7” further establishes them as perhaps the most affable band in Atlanta.  The band distills post-punk, classic ’90s indie, a touch of surf rock, and even a bit of krautrock into something easily approachable that they call “nerve-pop.”  That also happens to be what they call the song found on the A-side, a concise blast of surf-tinged guitar and sharp lyrics (killer chorus included) about “life and death and life again.”  The B-side opens with the brief “Teaser Trailer,” a rousing instrumental that sounds like it was born to open shows.  It crashes into “Sudden Walks,” which melds a taut kraut-groove with a refrain of “repetition” in a nice bit of form/content synergy.

The band is playing a 7” release show at 529 this Friday, with support from Places, King Arthur (from Murfreesboro, TN), and Jeffrey Bützer (who will be playing along to an old Buster Keaton film).  That bill is well worth your $5 cover.

This weekend’s non-Animal Collective shows

This weekend’s big indie ticket is Animal Collective out in Alpharetta, but there are some great local options happening ITP as well.  Behold…

The Sour Notes, Venice is Sinking, Lille, Elaine Greer – Friday, July 8th – Highland Inn Ballroom

Austin’s The Sour Notes will be in town to support Last Looks, their recently released fourth full length. The self-released album is packed with expressive pop songs built on male/female vocals, bright keyboards, and nervy DIY energy. Sometimes the guitars swoon; at others they chug along with a tense folk-punk momentum. The dependably wonderful Venice is Sinking opens, along with Lille and Elaine Greer.

[MP3] The Sour Notes – Hot Pink Flares

Hip to Death, Mind Powers, Monitors, Swank Sinatra – Friday, July 8th – The Drunken Unicorn

Hip to Death‘s recently released Punk Will Never Die But You Will is a 25-minute throat-punch of filthy, distorted post-punk. The songs blast out at you obliquely, with the band preferring to kick up a cloud of noise around each tune rather than just playing it straight. The result is a satisfyingly visceral album that ranks among the most enjoyable local releases I’ve heard this year. Openers Mind Powers opt for a more straightforward noise-rock stomp. I called them “generic Mclusky worship” after catching their set at Secret Stages, but I might revise that opinion a bit after hearing their Ampeaters EP (get it free here). I still think they sound quite a bit like Mclusky (it’s all in the bass), but they attack the noise-punk blueprint with an enthusiasm that shows a lot of potential. And like I said before, there are worse things than sounding like Mclusky. Monitors and Swank Sinatra also open.

[MP3] Hip to Death – No Wave

BeATLanta House Show Fest – Saturday, July 9th – BeATLanta House (197 Howell Drive)

Local music blog BeATLanta is celebrating their two year anniversary with an epic day-and-night-long house show featuring 15 bands on 2 stages. They’ve put together an impressive list of bands that includes Small Reactions, Hip to DeathWhat Happened to Your Fire Tiger?, and Charges, among others. Jungol will close out the night. Admission is $5, and that also gets you unlimited beer from the kegs. More details (including a tentative schedule) can be found here.

Noot d’ Noot, Mathis Hunter and the Rinse, Carnivores – Saturday, July 9th – The Earl

I probably don’t even need to push this one – it’s going to be packed.  Your $5 cover also gets you the third entry in the Live at The Earl 7″ series.  Noot d’ Noot puts on one of the best shows in town, so it’s definitely worth it.

[VIDEO] Small Reactions at Little Advances House


Small Reactions is one of my favorite local bands to catch live, so I was incredibly happy that they were able to play the last house show.  I caught their entire set on video, and you can watch it above.  Part 3 has a pretty dead-on Pixies cover.

This week’s shows (5/9/2011-5/15/2011)

Ted Leo

Ted Leo (solo), Gentleman Jesse (solo), Carnivores – Wednesday, 5/11/2011 – The Drunken Unicorn

Some of the best shows I’ve ever seen have been Ted Leo and the Pharmacists shows.  I don’t think Ted’s capable of phoning it in, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s followed his career.  He’s a relentlessly principled lifer that clearly loves what he does for a living, and the idea that he might sleepwalk through a set just doesn’t gel with the rest of his personality.  I was lucky enough to catch a Ted Leo solo show several years ago, and it was almost as good as the best Pharamacists sets I’ve seen.  There was more banter, more covers, and more energy than you might expect from just one guy with an electric guitar.  Ted can create rhythm and urgency with his guitar in a way that brings to mind Billy Bragg, one of his most obvious influences.  This show should be a great one.

The Love Language

The Love Language, Little Tybee – Wednesday, 5/11/2011 – The Earl

It was a bummer when The Love Language had to cancel their mid-March appearance at The Earl, but luckily fans of the Durham, NC’s band cathartic pop didn’t have to wait long for a make-up date.  Stuart McLamb and company will be back on Wednesday to run through a set of heart-on-sleeve vocals and equally emotive arrangements.  Atlanta’s Little Tybee open.  Their progressive, orchestral folk-pop is one of the best things in town right now, so get there early.

Jacuzzi Boys

Jacuzzi Boys, Turf War, Skin Jobs – Thursday, 5/12/2011 – 529

Florida’s Jacuzzi Boys manage to distinguish themselves from the ever-growing pack of garage-punk bands through grimy psychedelic touches and a knack for burrowing into catchy, primal hooks.  Seeing them at 529 on Thursday will also settle my toughest conflict at this weekend’s Secret Stages festival in Birmingham, where they’re scheduled to play a late night set at the exact same time as Hunstville’s G-Side.  Locals Turf War and Skin Jobs open.


Gold-Bears, Small Reactions, New Animal – Friday, 5/13/2011 – 529

Local dreamy twee-punks Gold-Bears are celebrating the release of their debut full length on the seminal Slumberland Records, which has been the ideal home for a dreamy twee-punk albums for over 20 years.  That’s a pretty big deal, so go celebrate the occasion with them.  The openers are excellent, too.  Small Reactions deliver good-time post-punk jams, and New Animal (who just recently rocked my backyard) will drop slabs of epic psych-pop.

From Exile

From Exile, The Humboldt Trio, Tricil – Saturday, 5/14/2011 – The Earl

This is a release show for local prog-metal combo From Exile‘s new Nine Inch Nails cover EP (listen to it here).  I’ve never been all that fond of NIN, but From Exile could melt faces in their sleep, so it balances out.  They’ll give a you a free copy on CD with the cover charge, which is a nice bonus.  The openers are The Humboldt Trio (pure, uncut math-rock) and Tricil (veteran local electronic dude).

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[MP3] Small Reactions – “Sudden Walks” (demo)

Being a fan of Small Reactions‘ first 7″ (my review), I’ve been looking forward to hearing some new material from these guys.  They were nice enough to share a demo of new song “Sudden Walks,” which will make its live debut at The Earl next week (flyer above).  The track has the same shaggy, laid-back vibe that made those first two songs so appealing.  It’s still a work in progress (being a demo and all), so if you haven’t heard their other stuff before, go here to check out some finished products.

[MP3] – Small Reactions – Sudden Walks (demo)

This week’s shows (1/24/2011-1/30/2011)

Sorry No Ferrari

Monday (1/24/2011): Small Reactions released their first 7″ back in November.  I liked it. Unfortunately, they haven’t played live since the accompanying release show, which is a shame because their jangly post-punk goes over really well live.  Make sure to catch them at 529 tonight (it’s a free show, too).  Also on the bill are Cute Boots, The Compartmentalizationalists (Jeffrey Bützer and Claire Lodge), and Curio Museum.

Tuesday (1/25/2011): Tokyo Police Club and Two Door Cinema Club bring their co-headlining tour through Atlanta, and there’s two chances to catch them on Tuesday.  They play a free in-store at Criminal Records at 6:00PM, then again at the Masquerade later that night with the addition of openers Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

Thursday (1/27/2011): Two solid bets for Thursday.  The quiet one:  Adron, Little Tybee, and Justin Evans’ Normaltime Ramblers at The Earl.  The loud one:  The Vaginas, Young Antiques, and Charges at 529.

Friday (1/28/2011): Yo La Tengo (along with Sonic Youth and the reformed Mission of Burma and Dinosaur Jr) exemplify the ideal route for aging indie rockers.  They have an undeniable place in the indie canon, but they continue to release and tour behind new music instead of just coasting through greatest hits sets.  They play Variety Playhouse on Friday with William Tyler.  There’s a strong local metal lineup at 529 featuring Sons of Tonatiuh, Wolves & Jackals, Demonaut, and Black Pussy.

Saturday (1/29/2011): Fans of heavy, technical math rock are going to be very happy this Saturday:  locals Sorry No Ferrari play a free in-store at Criminal Records at 4:00PM, and Athens’ Cinemechanica headline at 529 later that night (Manray and Lazer/Wulf open).  Local mainstays Soulphonics & Ruby Velle headline The Earl with support from Chattanooga’s The DistributionStoneRider, Damon Moon & the Whispering Drifters, and A: the Color play the Drunken Unicorn.  And finally, Imagination Head plays an album release show at Highland Inn Ballroom with Misfortune 500.

[EDIT] – Also on Saturday is the first ever show for Marietta’s Places, who I wrote about a few weeks ago (see that here).  The show will be at MINT Gallery, and Curio Museum and Vocabulary will also perform.