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This week’s shows (3/19/12-3/25/12)

Sorry for the recent break in blogging.  It’s been way too long since I’ve posted here.  Real life has been hectic.  I should be back on a more regular posting schedule now.  Here’s what’s going on this week….

A Storm of Light, Mustard Gas and Roses, Demonaut – Monday (3/19), The Earl, $10.

Brooklyn’s A Storm of Light does post-metal that doesn’t skimp on the metal.  Their sound is plenty atmospheric, and expansive enough to include elements drawn from a range of non-heavy genres, but they remain a metal band above all else.  This isn’t just post-rock with a little extra distortion.  I don’t know much about openers Mustard Gas and Roses beyond the fact that it’s the solo project of Mike Gallagher, former guitarist for departed post-sludge titans ISIS, but that’s all I really need to hear.

SwingSet, The Magic Math, High-Water Railers – Wednesday (3/21), The Earl, $7.

Locals SwingSet produce the kind of crunchy power pop that inevitably leads to Superchunk comparisons.  But that’s pretty good company, right?  Lots of words and lots of guitars.  They play The Earl tomorrow night with The Magic Math, a folk-pop unit out of Birmingham that infuses their bright acoustic numbers with a healthy dose of smartass wit.

SBTRKT, Machinedrum – Thursday (3/22), The Masquerade (Heaven), $20.

My interest in dubstep pretty much begins and ends with SBTRKT.  I don’t hold the crimes of the aggressively dumb brosteppers against those who are doing interesting stuff on the fringes, but it’s just not a genre that really appeals to me.  I’m a big fan of SBTRKT’s self-titled debut, however.  It’s packed with airtight songs where the bass supports rather than overwhelms, and you don’t need a PhD in the last 20 years of electronic sub-genres to dig into it.

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This week’s shows (2/13/12-2/19/12)

Royal Baths, Abby Gogo, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children – Tuesday (2/14), 529, free.

San Francisco’s Royal Baths released Litanies back in late 2010, a nasty little collection of garage rock dirges that didn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserved.  I can’t say I’ve spent much time with followup Better Luck Next Life yet, but it’s definitely in the same vein.  Maybe a little less grimy, but still plenty of bite, the overcast counterpoint to the sunnier garage rock practiced by Bay Area contemporaries like The Fresh & Onlys.  It’s also nice to see Abby Gogo out of hiatus and playing shows again, and Spirits… are always worth a look.


The Togas, GG King, COPS – Thursday (2/16), The Earl, $10.

The Togas are a supergroup cover band formed specifically for this year’s Bruise Cruise Festival, which wraps up today in Miami.  The band features Ty Segall, along with members of Shannon & the Clams, Reigning Sound, and The Strange Boys, and their repertoire includes songs from Buddy Holly, Redd Kross, and The Temptations.  Kind of a novelty, sure, but it should still be fun.


Man Forever, Plasma Expander – Sunday (2/19), 529, free.

Kid Millions has been prolifically cranking out expansive psych/kraut explorations for over a decade as the drummer for Brooklyn vets Oneida, but he didn’t get around to putting out solo records until the last couple of years.  His solo efforts are released under the name Man Forever, and they consist almost entirely of manic drum freak outs.  There are touches of unidentified skronk every now and again, but it’s mostly all drums all the time, like a free jazz boombox trapped in a paint shaker.

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