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Mea Culpa Mixtape ’11

In reviewing the year’s local releases for list making and roundtable purposes, I realized that I never got around to writing about some of my favorites.  The 14 songs on this mix are all from releases I wish I had blogged about earlier, with at least 3 of the represented albums holding down spots in my current top 10 list.  I should have mentioned all of these releases much sooner, but better late than never, right?

Download it.


Dark Room – “Climb Up” (get Stutter for free here)

Gold-Bears – “Record Store” (buy Are You Falling In Love? here)

Shepherds – “Tears of a Clown” (get Holy Stain for free here)

Tele Noir – “Pity for the Pretty Ones” (get Pity for the Pretty Ones for free here)

deadCAT – “manmenmade” (get Sleep-P for free here)

Lucy Dreams – “VHS” (buy Vivian here)

BOSCO – “Pacer” (get Pacer for free here)

Places – “Peaceful Conditions” (get The Future for free here)

Jack of Hearts – “Fake Your Love” (buy Hard Feelings here)

What Happened to Your Fire, Tiger? – “Phalanx” (buy What Happened to Your Fire, Tiger? here)

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children – “Welcome” (buy We Are Here To Save YOU!! here)

Cute Boots – “The Fire” (follow Cute Boots here)

Vocabulary – “Children” (get Faded Days for free here)

Cassandras – “Rise Up” (get Hari Pari Mandala Gosthi for free here)


The Real Benefit for Criminal Records, this Saturday at The Cottage

It would be a shame to see Criminal Records disappear from the local music landscape.  In addition to having the best selection of new vinyl in town, they are really unmatched when it comes to putting on free in-store events.  Criminal is just a great place, one of my favorites in Atlanta, and I’m ecstatic to be co-presenting this Saturday’s benefit show at The Cottage.  Come and see some awesome bands in the name of alleviating Criminal’s financial woes.

The show is also being presented by Wholly Roller, Industrial Strength Promotions, WREK’s Goldsoundz, and Earthshaking Music.  You can RSVP for the event here.  Schedule below.

6:30 A Smart

7:15 Mediocre Machine

7:45 Nomen Novum

8:15 Places

8:45 New Animal

9:30 Small Reactions

10:15 Christ, Lord

11:00 Wowser Bowser (stepping in for Qurious, who’s listed on the flyer but unable to play)

11:45 Reptar

C Riley DJ

[REVIEW] Places – March

Nico Giarrano has been releasing music as Places for a little while now, but it’s strictly been in song or EP form.  March is his first attempt at stringing together a full set of songs, and it’s an appropriate compendium of what has made all his previous releases so appealing.  He’s working with a lo-fi canvas, but he’s painting with an eye for detail.  There are layers here that belie that modesty of a one-man bedroom pop project.

Opener “Distinguished Critter” begins with with a stuttering electronic pulse that melts into the background once the drums kick in and cut through the haze.  It achieves the warm balance between electronic and organic instrumentation that Dan Snaith has always been so good at exploiting in Caribou/Manitoba, where drums and guitars exist happily beside synthetic sounds.  “Grey Matter” is heavy on the acoustic guitar, but it still sounds like it belongs on the same album as the synth-driven “Blond Hair.”  There are a few left turns – “Can’t Stand It” is a straightforward rocker where Nico submits to the guitar hero within, and “Electronic Music” sounds like rockabilly recorded on an iPhone – but everything plays out in the same relaxed mood.

You know how it feels to sit on a covered porch while it’s raining?  When you’re staying warm and dry while buckets of water are coming down feet or even inches away?  I love that feeling.  That’s what this album sounds like.

You can download March at Places’ Bandcamp page.  It’s a pay-what-you-want kind of thing.  Stream “Distinguished Critter” below for a sample.

Little Advances One Year Anniversary – Pics and Video

While I can’t say that last night’s one year anniversary party went off without a hitch, I can totally say that it still ended up being awesome.

Places opened with a mostly solo set from band mastermind Nico Giarrano.  He sang and played acoustic guitar, with a little looping and occasional flute accompaniment.  It was cool to see these songs in a different context, since a lot of his material is far from straightforward singer-songwriter stuff.  Like I told Nico last night, I didn’t know if a solo set from him would entail a guitar or some combination of laptop and sampler.  He’s definitely someone to watch, and I can’t wait to see him with a solidified full band.

A. Grimes was next.  They’ve been playing live shows relentlessly lately, and it shows.  They’re a great live band, and if you haven’t seen them yet, you should correct that.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of them because I had to tend to something out front.  One of my neighbors apparently disagreed about whether or not A. Grimes was awesome, and he decided the cops would be well-suited to settling the debate. [EDIT] – A couple of pictures just landed in my inbox.  Thank you, Miranda Tiano.

That’s how we ended up inside my living room for Red Sea, the final band of the night.  My backyard is big, but my living room is not.  It was also filled with stuff as I wasn’t expecting a band to be setting up in one corner.  It was fairly remarkable and greatly appreciated how quickly and smoothly we removed everything from my living room and loaded Red Sea in, so a big thank you to everyone who helped out.

The set they ended up playing was worth the effort.  Red Sea is as dynamic live as they are on their excellent Weird Problem EP.  Their jams can transition from dreamy to tense on a dime, and although they certainly take plenty of cues from bands like Sonic Youth and Women, they’re doing more than just rehashing.  Their songs are just great.

Despite the temporary hiccup, we’re planning on doing more nights like this.  So watch this space.

Big thanks to all the bands, plus Sean from Small Reactions who basically became our sound guy.  Thanks to all the local bloggers who listed the show, and thanks to who everyone who showed up.  It was a great crowd, with the exception of whatever asshole stole my girlfriend’s iPod.

Check out some pictures and a Red Sea video after the jump.

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One more reminder….

Come out and see some music tomorrow night.  Everyone’s welcome to start showing up around 8, and Places will get the music started at 9.  There will be some beer available for those over 21, but it won’t last all night, so bringing your own wouldn’t be a bad idea.  You’ve got to stock up before Sunday anyway, right?  There’s no charge to get in, but we will have a donation jar out for the bands.

Here’s who’s playing:

Red Sea

A. Grimes


Hope to see you there.  There’s a Facebook page for the party here.  Thanks to Tim from I’m a Bear, Etc. for making the flyer.

This week’s shows (3/14/2011-3/20/2011)

A. Grimes


Monday (3/14/2011): Two great options tonight.  The most exciting one is probably Brooklyn’s Fang Island at 529, with locals Vegan Coke and Curio Museum.  Fang Island’s live show pushes for “epic” from start to finish, all soaring guitars and group-chant vocals.  This show is inexplicably free, too, so even more reason to make it out.  There’s also Telekinesis, The Love Language and Richard Parsons at The Earl.

Tuesday (3/15/2011): Supercluster plays Highland Inn Ballroom.  They’re an Athens indie-pop supergroup that features Vanessa Briscoe from Pylon and a bunch of other Athens types, including Jason NeSmith (ex-of Montreal) and Kay Stanton, both of whom are also in openers Casper and the Cookies.  Canada’s The Rural Alberta Advantage will be at The Earl with local openers Night Driving in Small Towns and Book Club.  Brent Hinds of Mastodon has two side projects at 529, with Fiend Without a Face and West End Motel sharing a bill (as they often do).

Wednesday (3/16/2011): Miami’s Torche play sludge metal with pop concision.  They can get anthemic, even ebullient, without ever sacrificing their heaviness.  They are going to pack out 529 on Wednesday and it’s going to be awesome.  Post Teens and The Sunglasses open.

Thursday (3/17/2011): St. Patrick’s Day.  Here are 3 alternatives to drinking overpriced Guinness at shitty “Irish” bars, in increasing order of craziness.  The Drunken Unicorn has Vegan Coke, Des Ark, Thy Mighty Contract, and Pygmy Lush.  At 529, you can catch Mi Ami, which features a couple former members of D.C.’s dearly departed Black Eyes, one of the most underrated bands of the last decade.  While Mi Ami isn’t quite Black Eyes’ equal, their fusion of tribal rhythms, shrieking guitar, and nails-on-chalkboard vocals is excellent if you’ve got the stomach for this sort of thing.  Locals Roman Photos and Brainworlds open.  Finally, Rafael Toral at WonderRoot should be even crazier.  The last time I saw the experimental music vet he was doing something like this

Friday (3/18/2011): Picaflor Studio is hosting and Rock Science Revival is presenting a night of local music curated by local bloggers.  The bands were selected by Latest Disgrace, The Moon and Pluto, Shot From Guns, and BeATLanta, all of whom should be read regularly by followers of local music.  They put together a great lineup that includes Qurious, Imagination Head, and Shathouse Rats.  Also on Friday is Jeffrey Bützer & the Bicycle Eaters, Lille, and Places at The Earl.

Saturday (3/19/2011): If you only go to one show this week, it should obviously be the Little Advances One Year Anniversary Party.  Come out and see Red Sea, A. Grimes, and Places in my backyard.  We will be taking donations for the bands and there will be beer for those over 21 (although bringing your own isn’t a bad idea, either).  Don’t worry, I’ll remind you about this show again later in the week.

Little Advances One Year Anniversary Party

One year ago, my roommate and I started this blog with no clear idea about what form it was going to take.  I knew I wanted an outlet where I could do some writing wholly unrelated to my daily life, but I didn’t really think I would primarily write about music.  Film seemed much more likely.  I had taken a few film studies classes in college, so I felt more comfortable writing about that.  It just came more naturally, while writing about music felt foreign.  It was something that I had never done prior to starting this blog.

Even though I didn’t initially know what I wanted to write about, I knew I needed to dive right in or I would get distracted and forget about blogging altogether.  That’s why I ended up turning to music.  I have always gone to a ton of live shows, almost compulsively, so live reviews seemed like easy, obvious material.  Things just kind of progressed from there, and I accidentally became a music blogger.

It helped that so many people involved in the Atlanta music scene were so cool to me.  Little Advances still isn’t a very polished operation, but it was even rougher back in the early months, and I’m incredibly grateful to all of you who sent in submissions or added me to the blogroll back in those early days.  I’m especially grateful to everyone who participated in the Atlanta Music Writers Roundtable.  It was amazing seeing an idea I feared most of you would brush off actually come to fruition.

Most importantly, though, I want to thank all of you for reading.  More people read this blog on a daily basis than I ever could have reasonably anticipated a year ago.  Thanks.

On March 19th, Little Advances is throwing a one year anniversary party.  There will be live music from Red Sea, A. Grimes, and Places, which is awesome as those are 3 of the local acts I’m currently most excited about.  I am extra excited to have them playing in my backyard.  There will be donations accepted for the bands, and we’re going to keep it BYOB.  Stay tuned for a flyer and more details.

Hope to see you there.