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[MP3] The District Attorneys – “Confusion of Trust”

The first single from The District Attorneys’ forthcoming full length moves the band’s California country rock sound a little closer to classic power pop.  “Confusion of Trust” squeezes vocal harmonies and hand claps into a sun-drenched package that breezes by in a tidy 3 minutes.  When I wrote about the band’s last EP, I worried that too much studio time might take away from their characteristic warmth.  I had nothing to be concerned about; the added layer of polish just brightens the colors.  This is tight, economical songwriting, but there’s an off-the-cuff vibe here that lends the song an appealingly shaggy mood.

Download “Confusion of Trust” below.  Slowburner (the band’s full length debut) will be out on April 24th.  You can catch the band tomorrow night at The Masquerade opening for Moon Taxi and Apache Relay.

[MP3] The District Attorneys – “Confusion of Trust”


[ALBUM REVIEW] Imagination Head – On/Off

Sometimes it helps to know the band bio.   That’s certainly the case for Atlanta transplants Imagination Head, who came to life as a solo outlet for frontman J.R. Wicker.   Imagination Head is a full-fledged band now, with five other members on a variety of instruments, but there’s still a noticeable singer-songwriter core.   It isn’t hard to envision Wicker playing these songs solo with nothing but his voice and an acoustic guitar.

That’s not meant as a slight on the rest of the band, though.   The songs on On/Off could be performed solo, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be.  The band fills out these tracks nicely, often in unexpected ways that give the songs much of their personality.   That folk rock core is decked out with airy keyboards, xylophone, male/female harmonies, and electric guitar that has enough grit and heft to keep things from drifting too far into twee territory.  They even get away with using a sitar.

While the music stays bright, clean, and clear, the lyrics frequently skew toward the dystopian and paranoid.  Wicker sings about tombstones, caskets, and plastic smiles.   There are concrete roses growing in the garden and the TV’s giving you cancer.   It’s all delivered with such a light touch, though, that even the bleakest lyrics go down cheerfully.

That album title is appropriate.  On/Off is a well-executed exercise in contrasts, and evidence of a smart, ambitious band with the ability to flesh out their themes both formally and lyrically.

You can download “Tomorrow’s Garden” below.  The full album is available to purchase on iTunes.

Imagination Head – Tomorrow’s Garden

[MP3/VIDEO] New Animal – “Try”

Atlanta’s New Animal dropped a giant slab of free music on the internet earlier this month in the form of their 15 track, 75 minute debut.  That sounds excessive, but there’s honestly not a disposable track on the record.  The duo cover a lot of stylistic ground over the course of all those minutes, intermingling psych-pop with lo-fi electronics, but there’s a unifying sensibility that keeps the album from feeling schizophrenic or haphazardly thrown together.  This is well-written pop, with a persistent sincerity in the vocals that gives the songs an anthemic quality.  The music is bigger than the production, but that contrast is also part of the charm.  I think you can hear all that on “Try,” my favorite local track of 2011 so far (and that actually means something, the year is off to a great start).

Download:  New Animal – “Try”

Get the whole album for free at their Bandcamp page.  For more videos, check out the band’s YouTube channel.  There’s a full 29 of them.