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Atlanta Music Roundtable ’11: Best Local Albums of 2011

In case you haven’t heard by now, the Atlanta Music Roundtable is a series of collaborative posts covering the past year in music. Ten local music bloggers came together to discuss ten music-related topics, and we’ve been posting the results of that collaboration all week long. Today is the last day of AMR2011, and our final two posts will be about the year’s best albums. This particular post focuses on the best Atlanta albums of the year, and the range of responses speaks to the quality of the local scene. You can read our discussion of the best non-local albums this afternoon over at I’m a Bear, Etc.

The response to this year’s roundtable has been incredibly gratifying, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s read and shared the posts, as well as everyone who showed up to The Earl for our show on Wednesday night. It was amazing to see that many people show up on a weeknight for an all-local lineup. People even showed up on time! Big thanks to Little Tybee, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, New Animal, and Spirits and the Melchizedek Children for performing. Bands like those are the reason we bloggers have something to talk about in the first place.

Finally, I’d like to thank my fellow bloggers for indulging this idea for the second year in a row. This project wouldn’t have gone anywhere if the Atlanta blogging community wasn’t filled with such awesome people. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

Below is a list of all the previous AMR2011 posts in case you need to play catch-up. You can also see a full list (including links) at

Day 1: Most Underrated (Ohmpark), Mediums and Formats (Hijacking Music)
Day 2: Break Out in 2012 (Max Blau), Best and Worst (Latest Disgrace)
Day 3: Favorite Shows (Wholly Roller), Visuals (BeAtlanta)
Day 4: Best EPs/Songs (Promising Chord), Best Places to Buy and Hear (Atlanta’s A-List)
Day 5: Best Local Albums (Little Advances), Best Non-Local Albums (I’m a Bear, Etc.)

Check out our discussion of the best local albums after the jump.

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This week’s shows (3/21/2011-3/27/2011)

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears

Tuesday (3/22/2011): This is one hell of a Tuesday.  Nude Sunrise (noisy rock from Chicago) will be at The Cut in Reynoldstown, with Nerdkween, Hungry Hungry Humans, and local comedian Karen Hilton.  The ATL Collective is doing Bob Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home at Eddie’s Attic with featured artist Molly Parden.  San Francisco’s Moon Duo plays with locals Lyonnais at 529.  Moon Duo plays droning, minimal psych-rock that lurks like Suicide and strides like Neu!, and this should be a great show.  On another night, it would be hard to beat hardcore supergroup OFF!, the new band fronted by Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag) and featuring lifers that have done time in Burning Brides, Hot Snakes, and Redd Kross.  Trash Talk and Predator are also on the bill.  Luckily, OFF! also plays an in-store at Criminal Records at 6:00, which makes tonight’s decision a whole lot easier.  I can’t say I’ve really listened to The Joy Formidable, but I’ve heard good things – they’ll be at The Earl with Mona and Brahms.  Finally, the most sure thing on Tuesday is probably Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears and Those Darlins at The Earl.  Black Joe Lewis might shamelessly crib his some of his moves from James Brown, but he is undeniably a fantastic frontman in his own right.  His band’s revved up soul and blues is a hell of lot of fun.  And I think I’ve made it clear that I’m a fan of openers Those Darlins.

Wednesday (3/23/2011): The Cave Singers will be at The Earl with Lia Ices.  WonderRoot has A. Grimes, State Champion, Backwords, and Snake Shark and Broken HeartNigredo, Manray, The Bronzed Chorus, and All Dinosaurs will be at 529.  Drunken Unicorn has electro/dance from Starfucker, Casiokids, and Sonen.  The Music Room has New Terminus, Author’s Apology, and Supervisor of the Loveless Average.

Thursday (3/24/2011): Red Sea, The Shrapnelles, Topless Mongos, and Street Violence play The Music Room.  Royksopp plays the Masquerade with John Hopkins.  Vinyl has An Horse, Sealions, and A: the Color.  Weedeater cancelled, but Zoroaster, Stone Mountain Freeway, and Demonaut is still a solid metal lineup at The Earl.

Friday (3/25/2011): In case you haven’t heard, the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group show at Variety Playhouse this weekend is probably a Mars Volta show.  There’s metal at 529 with The Body, Whitehorse, and Aku You.  Punk legend Mike Watt headlines The Earl, with LITE and Ricer.

Saturday (3/26/2011): Free Moral Agents (featuring Ikey Owens, another Mars Volta member) headlines the Drunken Unicorn, with Odist and JungolSugar and Gold, Yip Deceiver, and Grandchildren will be at 529.  Yip Deceiver is an of Montreal side project that sounds promising.  Jessica Lea Mayfield, Daniel Martin Moore, and Dead Confederate’s Thomas Hardy will provide alt-country at The Earl.

This week’s shows (11/22/2010-11/28/2010)

Tim Kasher


So it’s Thanksgiving already.  I will be out of town beginning Tuesday, and probably won’t post for the rest of the week.  If you’re staying in town, here’s what you should go to….

Monday (11/22/2010): Cute Boots and Hello Ocho play a free show at 529.  I can’t find any information about the former online, but the latter is pretty solid.

Tuesday (11/23/2010): I see nothing.  Any suggestions?

Wednesday (11/24/2010): Hollow Stars and Lyonnais play 529.

Thursday (11/25/2010): Thanksgiving.  If you want to celebrate it at a show, your best bet is The Gaye Blades, Predator, and Barreracudas at The Earl.

Friday (11/26/2010): The Coathangers play a show at The Earl to celebrate the release of their Live at The Earl 7″, the second entry in this particular 7″ series.  The $5 cover includes a copy.  All Night Drug Prowling Wolves and Wolves & Jackals open.  There’s also Minus the Bear at the Masquerade with support from Twin Tigers and Tristen.  Finally, Nerdkween celebrates the release of her excellent new album Profitandloss at Highland Inn Ballroom with Parallel Poke and Richard Parsons.  You get a CD with the $8 cover charge.  Look for a review of the album tomorrow.

Saturday (11/27/2010): The Black Lips, Those Darlins, and Holly Golightly at Variety Playhouse will probably be one of the more fun shows you’ll see all year.

Sunday (11/28/2010): Cursive frontman Tim Kasher put out a solo album this year that is very much of a piece with the rest of his discography.  As a longtime Cursive fan, that’s more than okay with me.  See him at The Earl on Sunday with Darren Hanlon and The Wild.

This week’s shows (9/7/2010-9/12/2010)

Those Darlins

I ended up taking it fairly easy last week and only managed to catch Sons of Tonatiuh and Dead Rabbits. That’s less likely to be the case this week. There’s a lot going on.

Tuesday (9/9/2010) – Tonight’s the slowest of the week.  There’s free funk and soul at 529 with “members of Georgia Soul Council, Entropy, Cadillac Jones, Collective Efforts, and many more.”

Wednesday (9/8/2010) – Harvey Milk and Hawks will be at 529. That one’s bound to sell out, if it hasn’t already. Eyedrum’s got The Runaway Five, which is a new side project from Deerhunter’s Lockett Pundt and Abby Go Go’s Dan Wakefield, not to be confused with the Canadian band of the same name that does jazz covers of video game soundtracks. Warning Light and Seth Bolton will also be there (at least I think they will be, Eyedrum’s site appears conflicted). There’s also big time indie stars Crystal Castles at The Masquerade, with support from the excellent Bear in Heaven.

Thursday (9/9/2010) – This is night one of Those Darlins’ two night stand at The Earl. The Strange Boys and local favorites Gentleman Jesse and His Men open both nights. If you haven’t seen Those Darlins live, you really ought to correct that, especially if you have a weakness for the punkier side of No Depression alt-country. Their debut album is pretty good, but it doesn’t really reflect what an amazing live band they are. They sold out The Earl last time they came through Atlanta, so advance tickets might be a good idea.

Friday (9/10/2010) – You could either catch Those Darlins again, or you could head to 529 for Lyonnais, Sin Ropas, and Father Murphy. The latter bill has some intriguing out-of towners: Sin Ropas are ex-Red Red Meat (a band that also spawned Califone), and Father Murphy are from Italy. There’s also divisive buzz-band Best Coast at The Drunken Unicorn with Cults and Carnivores, a show that sold out well in advance. If you didn’t get tickets, you can still get blazed and catch her at Criminal Records earlier in the day for free. Or you could listen to Marnie.

Saturday (9/11/2010) – Atlanta music blog darlings Oryx and Crake play a free in-store at Decatur CD at 4PM. If you missed their album release two weeks earlier, here’s your chance to play catch up. Later that evening, the best bet is probably hardcore crossovers Fucked Up with The Coathangers at the Drunken Unicorn. Tealights, Jeffery Butzer and the Bicycle Eaters, and Night Driving in Small Towns at The Earl is a much less aggressive local alternative.

Sunday (9/12/2010) – Sleepy Sun with Balmorhea will be a great way to close out the weekend. I like the latest Sleepy Sun album a lot, and I’m anxious to hear what it sounds like live.

Live review: The Goat Farm festival



The N.E.C.

Saturday’s festival at The Goat Farm was a great time and a nice representation of the Atlanta music scene I’ve come to know and love in the 13 months since I moved to this city.  The festival itself was also one of the most well run DIY events I’ve ever been to.  It’s hard to find anything wrong with a free event that features 15 bands, free beer, cheap food, and a generous BYOB policy.

As for the music, I’m glad I finally caught All the Saints.  They gave probably my favorite performance of the festival.  I’m also glad I stuck around for Atlas Sound.  I respect Bradford Cox and see why his music appeals to so many people, but I’d never really connected with either Deerhunter or Atlas Sound until Saturday night.  He blew me away.  It was the “eureka!” moment I’ve looked for both times I’ve seen Deerhunter live and every time either of his projects puts out a new record.  I think it’s time to give his body of work another shot.

I’ve written about most of the other bands that played before, and I’m sure I’ll write about many of them again in the future, so I don’t feel the need to go into too much detail.  Most of my favorites delivered:  Lyonnais, Mermaids, Hawks, This Piano Plays Itself.  The Coathangers might have drunkenly whiffed it, but they were down a member anyway.  If Saturday was the only time you’ve seen them, give them another chance.  Sole out-of-towners TV Torso played solid tunes that sounded like classic ’90s indie rock.  Abby Go Go has sounded better and better lately.

That’s pretty much it.  More pictures after the jump.

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live review: Lightning Bolt, Lyonnais, Big Dad @ Eyedrum, 7/4/2010

It might not have been a traditional way of celebrating the holiday, but Lightning Bolt at Eyedrum felt appropriate for July 4th. The clear view of the fireworks from Turner Field might have helped. So did the large of number of people hanging around the parking lot drinking beer from red cups. It felt like an extension of the barbeque I spent most of my day at.

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live review: Pocahaunted, Lyonnais @ The Earl, 6/20/2010


Sorry for the lack of posting lately…I was on vacation.  I brought my laptop and convinced myself I would update at least a couple of times, but that just didn’t happen.  I got back Saturday and was able to catch a couple of shows at The Earl this weekend, including Pocahaunted last night.  Short review of that below.

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