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This week’s shows (5/9/2011-5/15/2011)

Ted Leo

Ted Leo (solo), Gentleman Jesse (solo), Carnivores – Wednesday, 5/11/2011 – The Drunken Unicorn

Some of the best shows I’ve ever seen have been Ted Leo and the Pharmacists shows.  I don’t think Ted’s capable of phoning it in, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s followed his career.  He’s a relentlessly principled lifer that clearly loves what he does for a living, and the idea that he might sleepwalk through a set just doesn’t gel with the rest of his personality.  I was lucky enough to catch a Ted Leo solo show several years ago, and it was almost as good as the best Pharamacists sets I’ve seen.  There was more banter, more covers, and more energy than you might expect from just one guy with an electric guitar.  Ted can create rhythm and urgency with his guitar in a way that brings to mind Billy Bragg, one of his most obvious influences.  This show should be a great one.

The Love Language

The Love Language, Little Tybee – Wednesday, 5/11/2011 – The Earl

It was a bummer when The Love Language had to cancel their mid-March appearance at The Earl, but luckily fans of the Durham, NC’s band cathartic pop didn’t have to wait long for a make-up date.  Stuart McLamb and company will be back on Wednesday to run through a set of heart-on-sleeve vocals and equally emotive arrangements.  Atlanta’s Little Tybee open.  Their progressive, orchestral folk-pop is one of the best things in town right now, so get there early.

Jacuzzi Boys

Jacuzzi Boys, Turf War, Skin Jobs – Thursday, 5/12/2011 – 529

Florida’s Jacuzzi Boys manage to distinguish themselves from the ever-growing pack of garage-punk bands through grimy psychedelic touches and a knack for burrowing into catchy, primal hooks.  Seeing them at 529 on Thursday will also settle my toughest conflict at this weekend’s Secret Stages festival in Birmingham, where they’re scheduled to play a late night set at the exact same time as Hunstville’s G-Side.  Locals Turf War and Skin Jobs open.


Gold-Bears, Small Reactions, New Animal – Friday, 5/13/2011 – 529

Local dreamy twee-punks Gold-Bears are celebrating the release of their debut full length on the seminal Slumberland Records, which has been the ideal home for a dreamy twee-punk albums for over 20 years.  That’s a pretty big deal, so go celebrate the occasion with them.  The openers are excellent, too.  Small Reactions deliver good-time post-punk jams, and New Animal (who just recently rocked my backyard) will drop slabs of epic psych-pop.

From Exile

From Exile, The Humboldt Trio, Tricil – Saturday, 5/14/2011 – The Earl

This is a release show for local prog-metal combo From Exile‘s new Nine Inch Nails cover EP (listen to it here).  I’ve never been all that fond of NIN, but From Exile could melt faces in their sleep, so it balances out.  They’ll give a you a free copy on CD with the cover charge, which is a nice bonus.  The openers are The Humboldt Trio (pure, uncut math-rock) and Tricil (veteran local electronic dude).

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new 7″s from The Coathangers and Gentleman Jesse (reviews)

Last week was a good one for local vinyl. The Coathangers put out a remix 7” on Suicide Squeeze, and Gentleman Jesse and His Men played a release show for the first ever Live at the Earl 7”. Thoughts on both releases below.

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Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Screaming Females, Gentleman Jesse @ The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA, 4/4/2010 (setlists)

Should have gotten this up sooner.  Some reviews, pictures, and setlists for all three bands below.

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Howlies are playing lots of new songs

Howlies are doing it right. They played 7 new songs last night at the Earl, opening with 6 of them. At least one had never been played live before. I recognized a few of the new ones from the show they played at 529 back in February where they also played a ton of new material, but at that show the new/old material was split about evenly. Last night, they only played four tracks from Trippin’ With Howlies, the debut album they released a little over a year ago. It’s crazy to think that they’re already moving on to new material. Most bands in their position would tour hard behind their debut and not focus on new songs for awhile, especially when that debut isn’t some half-assed collection of 7”s or glorified basement demos. Trippin’ With Howlies sounds great (much has been written about how they got Kim Fowley to produce the thing) and it seems representative of who they are as a band. So it’s strange that they’re moving on so quickly. Gentleman Jesse’s set opening for Ted Leo last weekend (which I swear I’m going to write about later today) consisted mostly of songs from his 2008 debut. The Coathangers stuck almost exclusively to songs from the year old Scramble at 529 on Tuesday. It’s not uncommon and it’s totally understandable for bands to do this.

So it’s a surprise that Howlies are already so focused on new material, but it’s not a bad surprise. I think it sounds pretty great. It’s more like “Chimera” and “Angeline” than “Sea Level” and “Whiskey Night,” but that’s the side of the band I preferred anyway. How much you like the new songs will probably depend on which camp you fall into. My companion at last night’s show (who will likely be contributing here in the near future) is in the latter camp, and she was less impressed with the new ones.

They’re already recording the album, and if they’re playing this much of it live, I’m assuming (and hoping) it will be out by the end of the year.