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[REVIEW] Dead Rabbits – A Record to Break EP

Dead Rabbits’ first album was pretty good, but it was an incomplete representation of the duo’s live show, where singer/guitarist Joshua DeRosa’s guitar always sounded ten times bigger over the crash of drummer Lucas Fuentes’ cymbals.  The pair have a chemistry that just didn’t translate to that record.  It was still a good listen, but ultimately a little samey, lacking the energy that makes them so electrifying on-stage.  Thankfully, the band’s new A Record to Break EP finds them sharpening their sound and producing a studio document that’s as exciting as their live sets.

The duo still makes guitar/drums blues-rock with a distinctly Southern streak, but A Record to Break finds them more focused in their approach.  The loud parts sound louder, the softer parts softer, and they sound more confident moving between the two.  They know how to make effective use of a pregnant pause, too – see how singer/guitarist Joshua DeRosa asks you to “come in close” on the intro to opener “Man and Ghost,” then playfully drags out the few moments before he drops the song’s main riff.  “Heavy Mind” and “Acting Out” are straight burners that keep the tempos up, while “Strange” and “Feral Child” find them settling into slower, stomping grooves.  They retain their nervy energy at either speed.

With just 6 songs in under 20 minutes, A Record to Break gets in and out quickly.  There’s not really a second wasted here, and it adds to the overall impact.  This is a quick, focused burst from a very good band, and it’s got me excited for the prospect of another full length.

Buy the EP here.  Stream highlight “Strange” below.


This week’s shows (5/2/2011-5/8/2011)

JEFF the Brotherhood

JEFF the Brotherhood, Heavy Cream, The Clap, Chandu’s – Tuesday, 5/3/2011 – The Drunken Unicorn

JEFF the Brotherhood and Heavy Cream (both from Nashville) are easily two of my favorite touring bands at the moment.  JEFF fuses thick stoner rock riffs with krauty rhythmic fluidity, while Heavy Cream plays catchy, aggressive punk, with a frontwoman who completely owns the stage.  Both are totally can’t-miss bands.  Locals The Clap and Chandu’s open.

Dead Rabbits

Dead Rabbits (EP release show), Mountain Lion, The Grenadines – Friday, 5/6/2011 – The Drunken Unicorn

I’ve been a fan of Dead Rabbits for a little while now, but they have always been the kind of band that required a “they’re better live” qualification.  That’s no longer the case after their new A Record to Break EP, six great songs that find them settling into a sound and finally capturing the energy of their live shows.  Help them celebrate its release on Friday along with Mountain Lion and The Grenadines, and look for a proper review in the next few days.

Qurious (credit: Moe Castro)

Little Advances House Party, with Qurious and New Animal – Saturday, 5/7/2011 – 1268 Portland Ave

Come party with us.  There’s no cover, and we’ll have live music in the backyard from two of the city’s best young bands, Qurious and New Animal.  Plus, the music starts early, so you can come hang out, catch both bands, then still have time to make it to The Earl for Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun or 529 for Coliseum.  Feel free to wander back over after those shows wrap up, too.  I’ll remind you again later in the week.  RSVP here.

Del the Funky Homosapien

Del the Funky Homosapien, Clan Destined, The Nice Guise, Ethereal – 5/8/2011 – The Five Spot

Underground hip hop stalwart Del the Funky Homosapien is playing an inexplicably free show at The Five Spot on Sunday.  Show up early to make sure you get in, because this one should be incredible.  Locals Clan Destined, The Nice Guise, and Ethereal get things started.

500 Songs for Kids (various bands, check schedule) – 5/2/2011 through 5/6/2011 – Smith’s Olde Bar

The Songs for Kids Foundation is a non-profit that brings music to kids in need.  500 Songs for Kids is their annual benefit that features 500 bands playing 500 songs over the course of 10 days.  It wraps up this week, and there are a bunch of great locals contributing songs.  There’s bound to be someone you like playing on any give night,  so check the nightly schedule here and go support a good cause.

This week’s shows (2/21/2011-2/27/2011)


Monday (2/21/2011): Local blues-rock duo Dead Rabbits headline this week’s free 529 show.  Gun Party, Young Circles (from Miami), and She Came From Above open.

Wednesday (2/23/2011): Baby Baby, StoneRider, and Killing Floor play Eastside Lounge.

Thursday (2/24/2011): Local garage-punks Balkans have never been a personal favorite, but it’s been nice seeing their “Edita V” 7″ make some waves outside of Atlanta via positive blog notices and a strong showing on the Hype Machine.  It’s always cool seeing locals get national attention.  They celebrate the physical release of that 7″ with a free show at Star Bar, with excellent support from Hawks, The N.E.C., and Soft Opening.  Elsewhere, A Fight to the Death do their cinematic western-gypsy-rock thing at The Earl with Damion Suomi and the Minor Prophets and The Compartmentalizationalists.  Also, the Five Spot has a solid lineup of local metal, hosting Lazer/Wulf, From Exile, Aes Sedai, Shaitan, and Bury Me Breathing.

Friday (2/25/2011): Toronto’s Diamond Rings brings his glammy synth-pop to 529, with the like-minded PS I Love You in tow.  Local dream-poppers Mood Rings open.  Soulphonics & Ruby Velle are an incredibly tight and entertaining live act, and it has made them one of the biggest draws in town.  They headline the Highland Inn Ballroom on Friday with George Hughley.  Get there early, this one will probably hit capacity.  Finally, the Old 97s play the Buckhead Theatre.  That’s not a show that would typically be on my radar, but Those Darlins are opening, making it immediately worth consideration.  [EDIT] I failed to mention the Tweezer, Go-Devils, and Aku You show at The Earl.  Check the comments for more info.

Saturday (2/26/2011): Jungol are having a 7″ release party at The Earl.  Their forward-thinking prog-pop has earned them a huge local following, so it’s probably best to get there early for this one, too.  Sun Domingo and The Influence open.  New Terminus headline the Highland Inn Ballroom, right on the heels of their recently released EP (follow that link to check it out).  Liars & Lovers and Gray Young open.  Finally, Speakeasy Promotions is putting on another Free Acid show at 529.  It’s a triple bill of psychedelia with no cover.  HeRobust, Bambara, and Glue will be performing.

Sunday (2/27/2011): Secret Cities (lo-fi psych-pop from North Dakota) headline The Masquerade.  Atlanta singer-songwriter Richard Parsons and Athens’ Tin Cup Prophette open.

Music Reviews, Week of 6/9/2010

Week 6 of my project.  This week is a little different.  Tomorrow I will have a review of a 2010 album that I think is long enough to deserve its own post.  Today I’ve got reviews of two new releases, in addition to a review of an album that’s outside my usual comfort zone and some words on an older album I had never heard before.  That last category might be getting fazed out.  More on that below.

This week’s albums:

Dead Rabbits – The Rabbit That Roared

Woven Bones – In and Out and Back Again

Off With Their Heads – In Despolation

Scratch Acid – The Greatest Gift

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