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TONIGHT: Atlanta Music Roundtable presents Nigredo, Lucy Dreams, and The Electric Nature at The Earl

Tonight is the second ever Atlanta Music Roundtable showcase, and I’m really excited about this lineup.  Our goal with AMR has always been to celebrate local music, and I think the 3 acts on tonight’s bill are among the area’s best emerging bands.  The night will begin with some left field weirdness courtesy of drone enthusiast The Electric Nature.  He doesn’t play locally often, so show up early.  Next up is shoegaze upstarts Lucy Dreams, who pair their dreamy washes of sound with an underlying current of propulsion.  Closing it all out is Nigredo, the mercurial post-metal outfit that might still be Atlanta’s best kept secret.  We’re happy to have all three contribute to what we feel is a pretty diverse and exciting lineup.  Plus, it’s only $5, and what else are you going to be doing on a Tuesday anyway?

Go here for the relevant Facebook page, and go here to read Promising Chord’s excellent interview with Nigredo from earlier this week.

See you at The Earl.  Doors are at 8:30, show at 9:00.


Atlanta Music Roundtable presents….Nigredo, Lucy Dreams, and The Electric Nature at The Earl, 3/27/12

Our December show went so well that we couldn’t wait 12 months to do another one, so here we are.  The second ever AMR show and the first of 2012. We chose three acts that we feel are among the area’s most promising up-and-comers.  Come out and hear tension and release from post-rock pummelers Nigredo, dreamy waves of shoegaze from Lucy Dreams, and expansive psychedelic soundscapes from The Electric Nature.   This is a group that might not typically share a stage, but there’s a sonic adventurousness to all three that we feel ties the bill together.  Cover is $5.

If you are unfamiliar with the Atlanta Music Roundtable, go here to catch up.  Then check out samples from all three acts below.

Tickets here.  RSVP here.


Lucy Dreams

The Electric Nature

Atlanta Music Roundtable ’11: Best Local Albums of 2011

In case you haven’t heard by now, the Atlanta Music Roundtable is a series of collaborative posts covering the past year in music. Ten local music bloggers came together to discuss ten music-related topics, and we’ve been posting the results of that collaboration all week long. Today is the last day of AMR2011, and our final two posts will be about the year’s best albums. This particular post focuses on the best Atlanta albums of the year, and the range of responses speaks to the quality of the local scene. You can read our discussion of the best non-local albums this afternoon over at I’m a Bear, Etc.

The response to this year’s roundtable has been incredibly gratifying, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s read and shared the posts, as well as everyone who showed up to The Earl for our show on Wednesday night. It was amazing to see that many people show up on a weeknight for an all-local lineup. People even showed up on time! Big thanks to Little Tybee, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, New Animal, and Spirits and the Melchizedek Children for performing. Bands like those are the reason we bloggers have something to talk about in the first place.

Finally, I’d like to thank my fellow bloggers for indulging this idea for the second year in a row. This project wouldn’t have gone anywhere if the Atlanta blogging community wasn’t filled with such awesome people. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

Below is a list of all the previous AMR2011 posts in case you need to play catch-up. You can also see a full list (including links) at

Day 1: Most Underrated (Ohmpark), Mediums and Formats (Hijacking Music)
Day 2: Break Out in 2012 (Max Blau), Best and Worst (Latest Disgrace)
Day 3: Favorite Shows (Wholly Roller), Visuals (BeAtlanta)
Day 4: Best EPs/Songs (Promising Chord), Best Places to Buy and Hear (Atlanta’s A-List)
Day 5: Best Local Albums (Little Advances), Best Non-Local Albums (I’m a Bear, Etc.)

Check out our discussion of the best local albums after the jump.

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AMR ’11 Albums and EPs Poll: We Want Your Help

You’ve probably heard about the Atlanta Music Roundtable by now.  If you haven’t, you can get the gist from that graphic above.  Basically, 10 local writers will be talking about the year in music, and we’re throwing a big show on 12/21 to celebrate.  What we haven’t really told you yet is that we will also be putting together a pair of lists:  one for the year’s best local albums, and another for the year’s best local short form releases (EPs, 7″s, digital singles, etc).

We’d like some help putting these lists together, so we’re inviting the Atlanta music community to contribute.  If you are somehow involved with local music, we’d love for you to submit a top 10 list for each category.  Those submissions will be tallied up, and we will share the results as part of our roundtable coverage.  The poll isn’t open to the general public for a couple of reasons.  First of all, we don’t really want bands campaigning for this.  We want to determine which 2011 albums were popular with the local community, not figure out who’s the best at working social media or badgering friends, family, and co-workers into voting.  Furthermore, limiting the submissions in this way increases the likelihood that our respondents will have been exposed to a broader spectrum of local music during the past 12 months.

With that said, we will be incredibly lenient about what we consider part of the Atlanta music community. We obviously welcome submissions from musicians, promoters, photographers, producers, and other similar types, but everyone’s welcome to make a case for why they should be included.  We’ll be generous, this is mostly just a way to prevent spamming.

Full details and rules after the jump.

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Atlanta Music Roundtable 2011

Instead of making a “best of” list last year, I asked some of my favorite local bloggers if they would be interested in collaborating on a series of end of the year posts.  They agreed, and the result was this.  We’re bringing the concept back again this year, but there’s been a few changes.  The name has been shortened to just Atlanta Music Roundtable, we’ve expanded our number of participants to 10, and this year we’re throwing a show at The Earl to celebrate.  Oh, and there’s going to be a collaborative “best of” list this year, too, but I’ll share those details later this week.

The roundtable will consist of 10 posts spread out over 5 days, from December 19th through December 23rd.  The show at The Earl lands right in the middle on December 21st, and our lineup includes 4 local bands who put out stellar albums in the past 12 months:  Little Tybee, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, New Animal, and Spirits and the Melchizedek Children.  That show will only cost you $5, too.  You can go ahead and buy tickets here.

We will share a more complete posting schedule closer to the start date.  There’s a website for the roundtable here that will eventually be updated with full details on the show and the rest of the roundtable project, including links to the posts once they go live.  For now, here’s a list of this year’s roundtable participants:

Atlanta’s A-List –

BeAtlanta –

Hijacking Music –

I’m A Bear Etc –

Latest Disgrace –

Little Advances – you’re looking at it

Max Blau – and Paste Magazine

Ohm Park –

Promising Chord –

Wholly Roller –