[STREAM] The Viking Progress – “The Couple”

The new album from Athens’ The Viking Progress is a collection of character sketches, with each track adopting the point of view of someone facing the end of the world.  That sounds like a drag, but the record is a lot less ponderous than it reads on paper.  Viking Progress mastermind Patrick Morales uses his central conceit to paint distinct, humane portraits of eight different points of view, and the focus is more on core values and past experience than it is on the impending end times.  Morales sings these sketches over carefully sculpted folk, tastefully decked out with strings and the occasional horn line from Neutral Milk Hotel’s Scott Spillane.  Check out lead single “The Couple” below to get a feel for the project.

The Viking Progress will be celebrating Whistling While The End Is Near‘s release with a show at The Earl tonight.  The opener is Adron, and the headliner is Oryx and Crake (who generously lent out cellist Matt Jarrard to Morales for Whistling).  Oryx haven’t played a show since December and will be debuting new material at tonight’s show, so it should be a good one.

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