This week’s shows (2/13/12-2/19/12)

Royal Baths, Abby Gogo, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children – Tuesday (2/14), 529, free.

San Francisco’s Royal Baths released Litanies back in late 2010, a nasty little collection of garage rock dirges that didn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserved.  I can’t say I’ve spent much time with followup Better Luck Next Life yet, but it’s definitely in the same vein.  Maybe a little less grimy, but still plenty of bite, the overcast counterpoint to the sunnier garage rock practiced by Bay Area contemporaries like The Fresh & Onlys.  It’s also nice to see Abby Gogo out of hiatus and playing shows again, and Spirits… are always worth a look.


The Togas, GG King, COPS – Thursday (2/16), The Earl, $10.

The Togas are a supergroup cover band formed specifically for this year’s Bruise Cruise Festival, which wraps up today in Miami.  The band features Ty Segall, along with members of Shannon & the Clams, Reigning Sound, and The Strange Boys, and their repertoire includes songs from Buddy Holly, Redd Kross, and The Temptations.  Kind of a novelty, sure, but it should still be fun.


Man Forever, Plasma Expander – Sunday (2/19), 529, free.

Kid Millions has been prolifically cranking out expansive psych/kraut explorations for over a decade as the drummer for Brooklyn vets Oneida, but he didn’t get around to putting out solo records until the last couple of years.  His solo efforts are released under the name Man Forever, and they consist almost entirely of manic drum freak outs.  There are touches of unidentified skronk every now and again, but it’s mostly all drums all the time, like a free jazz boombox trapped in a paint shaker.

More shows worth checking out after the jump.

Monday (2/13)

Kopecky Family Band, Avian, Shook Foil – The Masquerade (Purgatory), $8.

Tuesday (2/14)

Adam Acuragi, Jack Carter & the Armory, Slowriter – The Earl, $8.

Wednesday (2/15)

Scott Kelley (Neurosis), Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), From Exile, Nate Hall (US Christmas) – 529, $8/$10.

This Will Destroy You, Amen Dunes, Mountains – The Earl, $10/$12.

Fishbone, The Supervillains, AMUL9 – The Masquerade (Hell), $15.

Thursday (2/16)

HUNGER III w/ Featureless Ghost, Anticipation, Chief Acid Officer, Fit Of Body, Rekchampa, plus DJs Cc, Divine Interface, Featureless Ghost – 529, free.

Mood Rings, Red Sea, El Fossil, Young Again, Buzzedoff Litebeer, Shaquille O’Neal Slam Dunk Fest, Horny Dinosores – Star Bar, free.

Idle Warship (Talib Kwelie and Res), Rock Most, Sa-Roc, Young Rell – Center Stage, $20.

Cousin Dan, Jimkata – The Five Spot, $7.

Friday (2/17)

Isness, P Villa vs. Herobust, Nung River, Inner Gate – 529, free.

Cloud Nothings, A Classic Education, Gold-Bears – The Earl, $8/$10.

Scale the Summit, Elitist, Capillaries – Drunken Unicorn, $8/$10.

Novakord, Jack of Hearts – North River Tavern, free.

Saturday (2/18)

Akil (Jurassic 5), Night Sun (Cole from Black Lips), Shaheed and DJ Supreme, Clan Destined, Gun Party – 529, $7.

Van Dyke Parks, Jeffrey Butzer – The Earl, $25.

Wizard Smoke, Colossus, Odessa – Drunken Unicorn, $7.

I Want Whiskey, Caroline and the Ramblers, Pocket the Moon, Tyson Duffy – Star Bar, $8.

Hip to Death, Swank Sinatra, Mack Messiah – The Highlander, free.

Sunday (2/19)

Man Forever (Kid Millions from Oneida), Plasma Expander – 529, free.

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