[MP3] Solitude – “Roll On”

Solitude throws a lot at the wall on the twelve tracks that make up the recently released I Have to Stay Out. Not all of it sticks, but the stuff that does makes quite the impression. The appropriately named project is mostly just the solo endeavor of Atlanta’s Jordan Kadrie, and the music he records under that moniker is ramshackle DIY junk-pop that sounds like it was recorded with whatever random assortment of items Kadrie had lying around in his bedroom. Album standout “Roll On” throws beatboxed vocals on top of the junkyard percussion heap and settles into a stomping rhythym that sounds a bit like Tom Waits gone electro. It’s one of the album’s most straightforward moments, but it still sounds liable to burst apart at the seams. That combination of ambition and volatility is what makes the album so endearing, though, as well as easily forgivable even when it gets a little rough around the edges.

Download “Roll On” below, and get the whole album on the pay-what-you-want scale here.

[MP3] Solitude – “I Have To Stay Out”

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