This week’s shows (1/17/12-1/22/12)

I’m bringing back weekly show previews.  Each week I will preview between three and five shows, with an additional list of other shows that I feel are worth a look.  These will typically go up on Monday, but I’m giving myself a pass this week since yesterday was a national holiday and all that.  Here’s what’s worth checking out this week…

Delicate Cutters, Sirsy, Bobby Cool – Wednesday (1/17), Smith’s Olde Bar, $5

Birmingham’s Delicate Cutters pull together expressive fiddle, lively piano, and frontwoman Janet Simpson’s gorgeous vocals into malleable indie-folk that glides gracefully between the uptempo and the melancholy. They eschew the overly mannered style favored by too many of their NPR-ready peers in favor of messy, recognizable emotion, and the music is all the better for it.

Cass McCombs, Frank Fairfield – Thursday (1/19), The Earl, $10/$12

Californian folk nomad Cass McCombs released two well-received albums last year, the somber Wit’s End and the slightly more rocking Humor Risk. But he received nearly as much attention for eccentricities that include an avoidance of permanent addresses and a preference for conducting interviews via snail mail. His songs contain some of the mysetery of his persona, but he always offers a way inside, lacing his lyrics with enough sharp imagery and sharper observations to pique the interest of even the most casual listeners. He’s a unique talent, and this should be a great show.

Powerkompany, Rebecca Van Damm, Daniel Clay – Friday (1/20),  Smith’s Olde Bar (Atlanta Room), $8

Venice is Sinking violinist/vocalist Karolyn Troupe moonlights as Marie Davon in Powerkompany, her collaboration with husband Andrew Heaton (Packaway Handle Band). The duo play atmospheric, slow-burning folk fleshed out with electronic textures. They seemed to still be getting their sea legs when I caught them at Nophest back in August, but when everything clicked, it was pretty mesmerizing. I’m sure they’ve only gotten better since then.

Check out a list of other worthwhile shows after the jump.

Wednesday (1/18)

Christ, Lord, Wood Spider, Jesse and the Great Perhaps – WonderRoot, $5(?)

Mighty High Coup, Eli Porter, 4-ize, WYMYNS PRYSYN, Red Sea – 529, free

Thursday (1/19)

Cousin Dan, Turf War, Abby Go Go, Dino’s Boys – Star Bar, free

Friday (1/20)

Rizzudo, Cinemechanica, Purkinje Shift – 529, $7

Carnivores, The Coathangers, Frankie Broyles  – The Earl, $5 (includes Carnivores’ Live at The Earl 7″)

Adron – Smith’s Olde Bar, $10/$12

Saturday (1/21)

Annuals, Little Tybee, Mogul Street Reserve – The Earl, $8

Mood Rings, Mirror Mode, Lucy Dreams, Warning Light – Star Bar, $5

Jungol, Hanzelle, Cloudeater  – The Basement, $7

Dare Dukes, Book Club, Georgia Fireflies – Highland Inn Ballroom, $5

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