AMR ’11 Albums and EPs Poll: We Want Your Help

You’ve probably heard about the Atlanta Music Roundtable by now.  If you haven’t, you can get the gist from that graphic above.  Basically, 10 local writers will be talking about the year in music, and we’re throwing a big show on 12/21 to celebrate.  What we haven’t really told you yet is that we will also be putting together a pair of lists:  one for the year’s best local albums, and another for the year’s best local short form releases (EPs, 7″s, digital singles, etc).

We’d like some help putting these lists together, so we’re inviting the Atlanta music community to contribute.  If you are somehow involved with local music, we’d love for you to submit a top 10 list for each category.  Those submissions will be tallied up, and we will share the results as part of our roundtable coverage.  The poll isn’t open to the general public for a couple of reasons.  First of all, we don’t really want bands campaigning for this.  We want to determine which 2011 albums were popular with the local community, not figure out who’s the best at working social media or badgering friends, family, and co-workers into voting.  Furthermore, limiting the submissions in this way increases the likelihood that our respondents will have been exposed to a broader spectrum of local music during the past 12 months.

With that said, we will be incredibly lenient about what we consider part of the Atlanta music community. We obviously welcome submissions from musicians, promoters, photographers, producers, and other similar types, but everyone’s welcome to make a case for why they should be included.  We’ll be generous, this is mostly just a way to prevent spamming.

Full details and rules after the jump.

The Rules:

  • All ballots should be sent to Any questions about eligibility can be directed there as well.
  • Submitted ballots should include your name and a brief description of your relationship to local music.
  • We are asking for two different lists, one for the Best Albums poll, and one for the Best EP/7″/singles poll. For the Best Albums poll, pick 10 Atlanta albums from the past year and rank them from 1st to 10th. Then do the same for the short form poll. It’s cool if you don’t want to do both.
  • Bands may submit a single collective ballot, or each band member may submit an individual ballot. You just can’t do both.
  • It’s a weighted poll, so the order matters. Your 1st ranked album will earn 10 points in the poll, your 2nd ranked album will earn 9, etc. Please order your ballots, otherwise they won’t be counted.
  • Limit your selections to Atlanta-based acts. Suburbs count.
  • No ties. That screws up our point system.
  • Only your top 10 choices will be counted. Album lists need a minimum of 7 to be counted, and the short form lists need at least 5. Try to get a full 10 in each category if possible, though.
  • Make sure everything you list came out in 2011. Anything that was originally released prior to 2011 is ineligible. If an album was released digitally in October 2010, but the vinyl didn’t appear until February 2011, that particular album would NOT be eligible for this poll. Your ballot will still be counted if it has a pre-2011 release somewhere in the mix, we’ll just bump everything below it up one notch.
  • No voting for yourself. There’s a few reasons for this. For starters, we don’t know what kind of response we will be getting with this poll. If participation is low, a 4 member band that submits 4 individual ballots with their album ranked #1 would have a huge advantage. Plus, we don’t want to disadvantage solo acts and bands that submit a single collective ballot.
  • The deadline for submission is December 18th. The roundtable posts start on the 19th, and the poll results will probably be revealed the following week.
  • We are also giving everyone the chance to weigh in on the topics we will be covering during the roundtable posts. We plan on using those responses in follow up posts that will drop the week after the main roundtable coverage. If that interests you, I can provide you with a list of topics. Just let me know.
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