[MP3] Christ, Lord – “I Was”

Christ, Lord sounds like a band out of time. They dress up dusty folk music with sounds borrowed from vaudeville and jazz, creating something that can’t be tied to the current decade (or any other decade, for that matter). The closest modern references are fellow appropriators Tom Waits and Beirut, but Christ, Lord establish an identity of their own, eschewing the Brechtian weirdness of the former and the romantic sweep of the latter. This is more grounded and direct; much of the pleasure comes from the sincerity with which the band approaches the antiquated sounds produced by their chosen instruments, including accordion, violin, trumpet, and stand up bass. There’s no winking here, just a genuine appreciation for a combination of sounds not typically heard in modern indie music.

The band is following up last year’s excellent full length Magnalia Christi with a live album that will feature both old and new songs. You can download a new one titled “I Wish” below, and after the jump you can watch a video taken during the recording sessions that features a couple of old ones.  The band will celebrate the release of the album with a show at The Earl on December 7th.

[MP3] – Christ, Lord – “I Was” (live)

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