[STREAM] Order of the Owl – “Cocaine Super Demon” (unfinished mix)

Order of the Owl teased some unfinished mixes from their upcoming debut EP last week, and the two tracks currently on their Bandcamp are one hell of a taste of things to come. “Cocaine Super Doom” is a goddamn monster of a track that reinforces what was already obvious to anyone who has seen these guys live: this is one of the best bands to form in Atlanta in the last year. The song is thick and heavy stoner doom at its core, but the sorta-super group isn’t unwilling to muddy the genre waters a bit. There are stretches of psychedelia strung between Casey Yarborough’s (Charges/Author’s Apology) riffs, and there’s a classic rock swagger to Corey Pallon’s (What Happened to Your Fire Tiger?) drumming that’s nimbler and more playful than most metal percussion. But when the song goes heavy, it’s as massive as it needs to be. I dig Zoroaster, bassist/frontman Brent Anderson former band, but I find “Cocaine Super Demon” more interesting than anything that band has ever done.  I can’t wait to hear the finished product.

Stream “Cocaine Super Demon” below.  You can download the track and another unfinished one titled “Bandsaw” over at Order of the Owl’s Bandcamp.

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