[STREAM] Kolossi – “Shell”

I never really warmed up to Roman Photos.  My biggest problem with that now-defunct band was that they seemed trapped between song-oriented post-punk and more experiental electronic atmopsheres, resulting in something that felt frustratingly inchoate.  Kolossi (made up of 3 Roman Photos members) just released their first EP this week through Double Phantom Digital, and it’s thankfully a much more focused exploration of dreamy electronics than what these guys were doing before.

Closer “Shell” is probably my favorite of the five tracks here.  It’s centered on a huge beat that sounds like it’s constantly expanding and contracting around the distant vocals.  There’s an air of deliberate messiness that reaches its climax in the final minute, when it devolves into droning synths dipping into increasingly lower tones.  A song this intense needs a long runway, and it’s a nice way to wrap up the EP.

Stream “Shell” below and get the whole thing for free here.

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