[REVIEW] Pillage and Plunder – Look Inside for the Prize EP

Pillage and Plunder is a strange beast.  The six songs on their debut EP find an unusual intersection between bright, clean indie-pop and math-rock complexity, resulting in a sound that’s a little jarring on first listen.  Give the songs a little time, though, and it all starts to come together.  Those mathy instincts add an edge to heart-on-sleeve songs that might have ended up too saccahrine had the band opted for a more cookie-cutter indie rock approach, but they never come across as excessively showy or indulgent.  There are moments when they get more dramatic lyrically and vocally than I typically like, but there’s enough interesting parts at work to always bring me back.  There’s something unique here, and I look forward to hearing from them in the future.

The EP’s best cut is “The Artisan,” a lively rocker that moves nimbly between those dual personalities.  Stream it below, and buy the album here.

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