Occupy Atlanta Contact Information

I just got back from the Occupy Atlanta General Assembly in Woodruff Park. I’ll write up a posting about my impressions and opinions later, but this is strictly informational. I couldn’t find a lot of it anywhere else, so here goes:

The movement’s organization has been divided into ten committees. The people in charge of the various committees are called, I believe, bottom liners, probably to avoid accusations of hierarchy and stuff like that.

  1.  Medical Committee. Unfortunately, the woman in charge spoke softly and I couldn’t get the information. If anyone has it I will update this post.
  2. The Demands Committee. He passed out a sheet of paper listing twelve demands of the “We support financial equality” sort. It looked like this . The content wasn’t exactly the same, but the gist of it is. The name is self-explanatory. The bottom liner is Joe, and the committee can be reached at OccupyAtl_Demands@googlegroups.com

  3.  The Legal Committee. Presumably, they are handling the legal aspects of Occupy Atlanta. They can be reached at OccupyAtlantaLegal@gmail.com. Or via phone at 678-253-7330. They said this number is a hotline, and will be manned 24/7.

  4. Logistics Committe. They are handling food and are looking for volunteers who live nearby who are willing to offer up their homes as a location to store food. Crystal is the bottom liner, and the committee can be reached at OccupyAtlanta.Logistics@gmail.com.

  5. Tactical Unity. They seemed to be a mediation committee, between protesters and other protesters, between protesters and police, or anyone else should the situation require it. The committee currently has 11 volunteers, and are looking to increase that to somewhere between 18 and 24. They can be reached at Allison@AllisonJarek.com

  6. Media Committee. Pretty self-explanatory. The bottom liners are Sara and Randy. They can be contacted at Press@OccupyAtlanta.org. Another e-mail address given was OccupyWallStreetAtlanta@OccupyAtlanta.org. I’m not certain what the difference is.

  7. There is also an Arts committee. I guess Occupy Atlanta plans on having live music, theater, poetry, etc. Sara is also the bottom liner for this committee. They can be reached at deadmadorpoet@gmail.com. I believe that’s the correct e-mail address, although she was difficult to understand.

  8. The Process committee can be reached at Marlon@riseup.net If you have anything you would like to propose at the next General Assembly, I suggest you contact Marlon.
  1. October 8th, 2011

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