[REVIEW] Small Reactions – “Nerve Pop” b/w “Teaser Trailer/Sudden Walks”

Small Reactions‘ second 7” further establishes them as perhaps the most affable band in Atlanta.  The band distills post-punk, classic ’90s indie, a touch of surf rock, and even a bit of krautrock into something easily approachable that they call “nerve-pop.”  That also happens to be what they call the song found on the A-side, a concise blast of surf-tinged guitar and sharp lyrics (killer chorus included) about “life and death and life again.”  The B-side opens with the brief “Teaser Trailer,” a rousing instrumental that sounds like it was born to open shows.  It crashes into “Sudden Walks,” which melds a taut kraut-groove with a refrain of “repetition” in a nice bit of form/content synergy.

The band is playing a 7” release show at 529 this Friday, with support from Places, King Arthur (from Murfreesboro, TN), and Jeffrey Bützer (who will be playing along to an old Buster Keaton film).  That bill is well worth your $5 cover.

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