Check out two tracks from Book Club’s debut

Book Club plays folk music, no hyphens or qualifiers necessary. It’s simple and sleek and uncluttered, the instrumentation deployed with an economy that never muddies up the waters. Their debut album Ghost makes use of (among others) glockenspiel, banjo, pedal steel, and plenty of cello courtesy of Oryx and Crake’s Matt Jarrard, but it’s all brought together with tasteful restraint. No matter the trappings, the focus of these songs remain the lyrics of Robbie Horlick (of local indie-rockers Cassavettes) and his vocal interplay with fellow vocalist Leigh Anne Macquarrie.

My favorite track on the album is the slow-burning “I Can’t Dance With Your Ghost,” where the band coheres around the halfway point to create a mounful hum behind Horlick’s plaintive vocals. You can stream that below. Since it’s not the most accesible tune on the album (unless you have a thing for the sad bastard stuff), I included the more upbeat “Cold Cold Year,” too.

Ghost is set to be released this Tuesday, August 2nd, and the band is celebrating with a release show at The Earl on Thursday, August 4th. Madeline and Jeremy Ray and the Gonzo Orchestra open.

    • Matticakes
    • July 29th, 2011

    Thanks Denton, glad you dig the album. Would love to see ya on Thursday night if you’re in town!

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