This weekend’s non-Animal Collective shows

This weekend’s big indie ticket is Animal Collective out in Alpharetta, but there are some great local options happening ITP as well.  Behold…

The Sour Notes, Venice is Sinking, Lille, Elaine Greer – Friday, July 8th – Highland Inn Ballroom

Austin’s The Sour Notes will be in town to support Last Looks, their recently released fourth full length. The self-released album is packed with expressive pop songs built on male/female vocals, bright keyboards, and nervy DIY energy. Sometimes the guitars swoon; at others they chug along with a tense folk-punk momentum. The dependably wonderful Venice is Sinking opens, along with Lille and Elaine Greer.

[MP3] The Sour Notes – Hot Pink Flares

Hip to Death, Mind Powers, Monitors, Swank Sinatra – Friday, July 8th – The Drunken Unicorn

Hip to Death‘s recently released Punk Will Never Die But You Will is a 25-minute throat-punch of filthy, distorted post-punk. The songs blast out at you obliquely, with the band preferring to kick up a cloud of noise around each tune rather than just playing it straight. The result is a satisfyingly visceral album that ranks among the most enjoyable local releases I’ve heard this year. Openers Mind Powers opt for a more straightforward noise-rock stomp. I called them “generic Mclusky worship” after catching their set at Secret Stages, but I might revise that opinion a bit after hearing their Ampeaters EP (get it free here). I still think they sound quite a bit like Mclusky (it’s all in the bass), but they attack the noise-punk blueprint with an enthusiasm that shows a lot of potential. And like I said before, there are worse things than sounding like Mclusky. Monitors and Swank Sinatra also open.

[MP3] Hip to Death – No Wave

BeATLanta House Show Fest – Saturday, July 9th – BeATLanta House (197 Howell Drive)

Local music blog BeATLanta is celebrating their two year anniversary with an epic day-and-night-long house show featuring 15 bands on 2 stages. They’ve put together an impressive list of bands that includes Small Reactions, Hip to DeathWhat Happened to Your Fire Tiger?, and Charges, among others. Jungol will close out the night. Admission is $5, and that also gets you unlimited beer from the kegs. More details (including a tentative schedule) can be found here.

Noot d’ Noot, Mathis Hunter and the Rinse, Carnivores – Saturday, July 9th – The Earl

I probably don’t even need to push this one – it’s going to be packed.  Your $5 cover also gets you the third entry in the Live at The Earl 7″ series.  Noot d’ Noot puts on one of the best shows in town, so it’s definitely worth it.

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