[STREAM] Mechanochemical – “TLC”

Local singer-songwriter Richard Parsons has played around with many different styles under many different monikers, but I’m mostly familiar with him through his solo performances under his own name.  Those performances are typically stripped-down affairs, with Parsons delivering his songs to the audience via acoustic guitar and powerful vocals.  Mechanochemical, his latest project, is quite a bit different.

The back story is that Parsons was temporarily unable to use his left hand due to tendinitis, so he swapped out his guitar for a MIDI keyboard and ended up with Keeping the Wolves From the Door, an album that’s more electro-synth-pop than indie folk.  He’s still clearly a songwriter above all else, and he’s still got a voice that drapes his lyrics with an extra coating of soul.  He just paired those qualities with something a little different this time around.

The album’s consistent throughout, but I find myself gravitating toward the more downbeat tracks, which sound to me a bit like bare-bones Radiohead tunes with less alien vocals.  You can stream “TLC” below to see what I mean.

You can stream and buy the entire album here.


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