Little Advances over the summer

Sorry for the relative silence lately, but I underestimated how drained I would be after two music festivals in ten days.  I’ll finally get around to posting pictures from Secret Stages later tonight, and I should have some Hangout pictures and commentary up soon, too.  I wrote about the latter festival for Consequence of Sound, and you can find that coverage here.  It includes a video interview I did with Friday night headliner Widespread Panic, so go watch that and marvel at my on-camera skills.

Now for some housekeeping notes.  I am retiring the “This Week’s Shows” posts until the end of the summer.  I will be spending my weekdays in Columbia, SC, for the next ten weeks, so I will be somewhat out of the loop.  The blog isn’t going on hiatus, and my coverage will still be Atlanta-centric, but I don’t necessarily want to use my free time to round up a list of shows I can’t go to.  There will be occasional show previews when I see something worth highlighting.

My weekdays will be in Columbia, but I’ll be back here more or less every weekend.  That means you can probably expect a few more house shows this summer.  And since we’re talking about shows, you should totally go to The Cut for Hear Hums/New Animal/Dark Sea of Awareness/Places tomorrow night.  Next week is Oryx and Crake/Small Reactions at my house, which you should definitely go to as well.

Finally, I’ve gotten some awesome submissions over the last month or so that I still haven’t posted about.  Look for an increase in posting in the next couple weeks as I play catch up.

So that’s what’s going on with the blog this summer.  I imagine I will make it out to some shows in Columbia, so feel free to recommend some local bands.

I’ll see you on the weekends.

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