[REVIEW] Dead Rabbits – A Record to Break EP

Dead Rabbits’ first album was pretty good, but it was an incomplete representation of the duo’s live show, where singer/guitarist Joshua DeRosa’s guitar always sounded ten times bigger over the crash of drummer Lucas Fuentes’ cymbals.  The pair have a chemistry that just didn’t translate to that record.  It was still a good listen, but ultimately a little samey, lacking the energy that makes them so electrifying on-stage.  Thankfully, the band’s new A Record to Break EP finds them sharpening their sound and producing a studio document that’s as exciting as their live sets.

The duo still makes guitar/drums blues-rock with a distinctly Southern streak, but A Record to Break finds them more focused in their approach.  The loud parts sound louder, the softer parts softer, and they sound more confident moving between the two.  They know how to make effective use of a pregnant pause, too – see how singer/guitarist Joshua DeRosa asks you to “come in close” on the intro to opener “Man and Ghost,” then playfully drags out the few moments before he drops the song’s main riff.  “Heavy Mind” and “Acting Out” are straight burners that keep the tempos up, while “Strange” and “Feral Child” find them settling into slower, stomping grooves.  They retain their nervy energy at either speed.

With just 6 songs in under 20 minutes, A Record to Break gets in and out quickly.  There’s not really a second wasted here, and it adds to the overall impact.  This is a quick, focused burst from a very good band, and it’s got me excited for the prospect of another full length.

Buy the EP here.  Stream highlight “Strange” below.

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