[MP3] The Non-Commissioned Officers – “The Message”

Nashville’s The Non-Commissioned Officers happened by accident.  The project was born when brothers Eric and Jordan Lehning scored the indie zombie film Make-Out With Violence, a low-budget labor of love that they also starred in.  As a way of raising money for the film, they put together a band to play the original songs from the film live.  It went well enough that the brothers decided to keep the band together and write new material.  That makes the recently released full-length Money Looking for Thieves their proper debut, their first statement as an independent entity.

“The Message” is the first and best song on Money Looking for Thieves, and it’s an excellent entry point into the band’s meticulously sculpted pop.  It’s an overture for the album that introduces their layered new wave, which pulls from the sounds of the ’80s without ever being winkingly retro.  It’s refreshing to hear an indie rock band play around with this sort of sound without irony for a change.

The track is something of a slow burner for an album opener.  The first half drifts along in a daze of vintage synths, with a slight echo on Eric Lehning’s subdued vocals.  Then the song reaches its halfway point and takes an abrupt shift:  everything drops out save for a tense guitar line, a suddenly accelerated rhythm section, and Lehning’s vocals, which are now clear and assertive.  The rest of the band eventually finds their way back into the song for a huge, insistent second half.  It ends in a frenzy that kickstarts the rest of the album.

Download “The Message” below.  You can stream the entire album over at the band’s Facebook page.  It’s available for purchase here.

[MP3] The Non-Commissioned Officers – “The Message”


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