Little Advances One Year Anniversary – Pics and Video

While I can’t say that last night’s one year anniversary party went off without a hitch, I can totally say that it still ended up being awesome.

Places opened with a mostly solo set from band mastermind Nico Giarrano.  He sang and played acoustic guitar, with a little looping and occasional flute accompaniment.  It was cool to see these songs in a different context, since a lot of his material is far from straightforward singer-songwriter stuff.  Like I told Nico last night, I didn’t know if a solo set from him would entail a guitar or some combination of laptop and sampler.  He’s definitely someone to watch, and I can’t wait to see him with a solidified full band.

A. Grimes was next.  They’ve been playing live shows relentlessly lately, and it shows.  They’re a great live band, and if you haven’t seen them yet, you should correct that.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of them because I had to tend to something out front.  One of my neighbors apparently disagreed about whether or not A. Grimes was awesome, and he decided the cops would be well-suited to settling the debate. [EDIT] – A couple of pictures just landed in my inbox.  Thank you, Miranda Tiano.

That’s how we ended up inside my living room for Red Sea, the final band of the night.  My backyard is big, but my living room is not.  It was also filled with stuff as I wasn’t expecting a band to be setting up in one corner.  It was fairly remarkable and greatly appreciated how quickly and smoothly we removed everything from my living room and loaded Red Sea in, so a big thank you to everyone who helped out.

The set they ended up playing was worth the effort.  Red Sea is as dynamic live as they are on their excellent Weird Problem EP.  Their jams can transition from dreamy to tense on a dime, and although they certainly take plenty of cues from bands like Sonic Youth and Women, they’re doing more than just rehashing.  Their songs are just great.

Despite the temporary hiccup, we’re planning on doing more nights like this.  So watch this space.

Big thanks to all the bands, plus Sean from Small Reactions who basically became our sound guy.  Thanks to all the local bloggers who listed the show, and thanks to who everyone who showed up.  It was a great crowd, with the exception of whatever asshole stole my girlfriend’s iPod.

Check out some pictures and a Red Sea video after the jump.


A. Grimes (courtesy of Miranda Tiano)

Red Sea

  1. April 21st, 2011

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