[LIVE REVIEW] Deerhunter and Lower Dens at The Earl

None of my pictures will import for some reason, so I stole this one from my roommate. Thanks, Sarah.

My review of this past Sunday’s Deerhunter/Lower Dens show at The Earl is up over at Dead Journalist.  You can read it here.

This was my favorite Deerhunter show of the 5(?) that I have seen, but I was reluctant to lean too heavily on the superlatives in the review because I never saw any of the early, pre-Cryptograms club shows.  By the time I moved to Atlanta in 2009, they had already been a major indie act for a few years.  The first time I saw them was in 2007, in an outdoor space with probably 3,000 other people, and it honestly didn’t do much for me.  Neither did Cryptograms (although I think the Fluorescent Grey EP is their best release).  Their more ambient stuff never drew me in, which is strange because I’m typically a sucker for bands that strike the balance between ambient and rock that they went for on that album.

I’ve come to like them much more over time, and I think Halcyon Digest is their best album, but I don’t feel like I’m enough of a fan to make sweeping statements about their career.  Maybe things would be different if I had seen them on that first tour they did with Liars, or had I lived in Atlanta in their early club days.  As it is now, though, I’m just a moderate fan with deep respect for what they do.

I didn’t mention Lonnie Holly’s opening performance with Bradford and Cole in my review because I wasn’t there.  I was over at Small Reactions’ last-minute house show earlier, and Lower Dens had already started when I walked into The Earl.  The Blue Indian has a pretty good review of that performance (with video) here.  You can see the whole set (plus video of Lower Dens and Deerhunter) on ifilmbands’ YouTube channel, too.

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