ATL Yeah! SXSW Party and Compilation

Jeremiah Edmond of Favorite Gentleman has put together a pretty great SXSW party and a free compilation of Atlanta bands to accompany it.  He asked a bunch of local bloggers (myself included) to pick a couple of local bands we were particularly excited about, and he ended up with a 40 track monster of a playlist that capably represents the diversity of sounds coming out of Atlanta.  Download cards will be passed out at the SXSW party.

You can stream the playlist here, or download it here.  Full tracklist is after the jump.

01. All Night Drug Prowling Wolves
02. Balkans
03. Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun
04. Young Orchids
05. Mermaids
06. Sealions
07. Turf War
08. Baby Baby
09. Gobotron
10. Small Reactions
11. Oryx And Crake
12. Alaska Him Nicely
13. Blair Crimmins and The Hookers
14. Luna Versus You
15. The Head
16. Trances Arc
17. Carnivores
18. Jungol
19. Death On Two Wheels
20. The Back Pockets
21. Right Away, Great Captain!
22. Damon Moon and The Whispering Drifters
23. Roman Photos
24. O’Brother
25. Sorry No Ferrari
26. Author’ s Apology
27. Stadiums
28. Asherel
29. Gin House
30. Harken The Hands Askew
31. Mood Rings
32. Highschool Sweetheart
33. Nerdkween
34. Attention System
35. Vonnegutt
36. Ben Trickey
37. This Piano Plays Itself
38. Kyle Lucas
39. Social Studies
40. Bad Books
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