[STREAM] Young Circles – “Halfway Up”

Young Circles have something interesting going on.  I caught the Miami-based band at 529 on Monday and was intrigued enough to pick up their debut EP via Bandcamp the next day.  I anticipated more of the grinding, mechanical rhythms that dominated their live set, but I wasn’t expecting the amount of change-ups they pack into 5 tracks and 23 minutes.   Not all the styles they try on fit, most notably the kind of rapped vocals on “Sharp Teeth.”  But when all the pieces click, it’s worth paying attention.

“Halfway Up” might not be the catchiest track on the EP, but I think it’s the most successful.  The first minute and a half is dominated by that noisy grind, but then an airy space-rock chorus comes out of nowhere before they dive right back into the abrasion.   The band sells both sides equally well, and they never seem to be juxtaposing for the sake of eclecticism alone.  It’s all of a piece –  there’s an edge to even the quietest interludes, and the distorted rock parts retain a sense of tunefulness.  If they keep refining their sound and striking this kind of balance, Young Circles will definitely be worth keeping an eye on.

You can buy the Bones EP for just $0.50 at their Bandcamp.

  1. Really like this. The dichotomy between the pretty and the more brutish stuff feels surprisingly organic. Sorry I missed them.

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