This week’s shows (1/18/2011-1/23/2011)

No Age

I didn’t do this yesterday because it was a national holiday and because I am lazy.  Sorry.  Hopefully you found your way to one of the worthwhile shows at either 529 or the Drunken Unicorn without me.  Based on the size of the crowd at the former, odds are high that you did.  The rest of the week is going to be awesome.

Tuesday (1/18/2011)

Ohio’s Mount Carmel is on Siltbreeze, but they’d like to let you know that they share little in common with their noisier, reappropriating labelmates.  They play blues rock without any ironic distance, and tonight they will be playing it at 529 with locals abby gogo.  Garage rockers Dikes of Holland and The Zoltars (both from Austin, TX) will be there, too.

Wednesday (1/19/2011)

Detroit’s Tyvek have also put out material on Siltbreeze, but their association makes a bit more sense.  They’re one of those bands that got hit with the unfortunate “shitgaze” label a couple of years back.  That term has thankfully waned in popularity, but Tyvek are still kicking around and cranking out hooky, blown-out pop-punk.  They will be at the Earl on Wednesday, well-matched with locals GG King and The Clap.  Across the street, Eastside Lounge has a good local lineup with Red Sea, Vegan Coke, and Humboldt Trio.

Thursday (1/20/2011)

There’s a free Big Boi show at Center Stage that is allegedly college student exclusive, although I’m not sure how strictly that will be enforced.  Go here for more info.  The other free option is a bunch of punk and metal over at Star Bar, where Bukkake Boys, Predator, Uberchriist, Glue, Tire Fire, and Disable will be playing on two stages.  Also on Thursday, Highland Inn Ballroom hosts Book Club (featuring members of Cassavetes and Oryx and Crake), Jeremy Ray and the Gonzo Orchestra, and The Acorns.

Friday (1/21/2011)

Last year’s Everything in Between is probably No Age‘s most successful attempt yet at blending pop songs with screeching noise and warm ambience.  They play the Drunken Unicorn on Friday with local punks Bukkake Boys and fellow Californian Rene Hell, who does the solo synthesizer-drone thing.  Also on Friday is former Hüsker Dü co-songwriter Grant Hart at The Earl, with The Venables and Sharks and Minnows.  Locals Gun Party, Dead Rabbits, and Tendaberry play Highland Inn Ballroom.  This Piano Plays Itself (who have new excellent new material that’s quite different from the post-rock of 2010’s As the House…) headline 529 with Prussia (Detroit), Cousin Dan, and We Are Hex.  Experimental folk act Hush Arbors (aka Keith Wood, who has played with heavyweights like Current 93 and Six Organs of Admittance) plays WonderRoot with locals The King Congregation and Hawkeye Pierce.  And finally, people will be trampled at the very much sold out Girl Talk show at The Tabernacle.

Saturday (1/22/2010)

Colour Revolt, who I enjoyed at The Earl this summer (review), play Vinyl with Ocean is Theory and Asherel.  Local underground rappers Clan Destined have an album release show at 529, with Illustrate, Floyd the Locsmif, Baka, and Conspiracy.  During the afternoon, Nerdkween and Author’s Apology (odd pairing, right?) play a free in-store at Criminal Records.  And there’s another chance to catch Prussia before they leave town, this time at 97 Estoria.

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