[STREAM] Two tracks from Marietta’s Places

It’s hard to get a handle on Places, the solo recording project of Marietta’s Nico Giarrano.  First of all, there’s that name, possibly the least Google-friendly moniker I’ve ever come across.  Then there’s the prolificacy.  Places’ Bandcamp page displays 7 releases since October 2009, and there’s not really a unifying stylistic theme between them.  Much of it is lo-fi singer-songwriter material, but this is much more adventurous and diverse than your typical bedroom laptop act.  There are detours into collage and ambience, and even some of the more straightforward material is layered with loops of clattering percussion and other off-kilter touches.

I’ve spent the most time listening to Sourpuss Pt. 1, an EP released in November 2010, and you can stream two of my favorite tracks below.  The first one (“A Breath of Fresh Air”) balances acoustic guitar with tape hiss and barely perceptible drones.  Reminds me a bit of Mount Eerie.  The second one (“When’s the Last Time You Cried?”) is a piano ballad for a deteriorating mental state.  The rest of the EP, like the rest of his releases, is available as a pay-what-you-want download via his Bandcamp.

  1. January 24th, 2011

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