[LIVE REVIEW] The Black Lips and Deerhunter @ Eyedrum (12/30/2010)

I labeled this as a live review, but it’s more about the venue than the performances.  Last night was the final show at the present Eyedrum location, but it didn’t feel like a funeral.  Really, how could it with a lineup like that?  They brought in Atlanta’s two biggest homegrown indie rock acts, bands that have each separately headlined the much larger Variety Playhouse in the last year.  Combine that bill with the loose, anything-goes atmosphere that Eyedrum has always had at their shows, and this was always going to be a party.

It would be wrong to mourn Eyedrum’s physical location anyway.  I always liked seeing shows there, but the room was less critical than the spirit.  The sound was never the best and sightlines could get rough at packed shows, but that was offset by the absence of pushy security or overpriced drinks.  Most importantly, Eyedrum was (and hopefully still will be in its new location) a place for forward-thinking live music.  In the short time that I’ve been here, that sometimes meant packed houses for popular national acts like Dan Deacon or Lightning Bolt, but more often than not the shows were far smaller and way more out there.  The first show I ever saw in Atlanta was Ige*Timer at Eyedrum, a duo of circuit bending Germans who performed to maybe 10 people.  I’m glad there’s a place in Atlanta that consistently plays host to stuff like that.

So, last night’s show.  It was packed, and both Deerhunter and The Black Lips were great (I missed Buffalo Buffalo due to a longer line than anticipated).  Deerhunter’s best moments came when they let the songs go longer and weirder than the recorded versions (like on “Fluorescent Grey”), and The Black Lips are a straight up party band.  I’m not sure there’s much left to say about either of these bands at this point.

I tried taking some video, but it didn’t turn out so well.  I was too far back during Deerhunter and didn’t want to be the asshole holding a camera above his head the whole damn time.  And keeping a camera still during The Black Lips wasn’t going to happen.  There’s a short video after the jump that was taken once I moved back and away from the pit, and it is just there to give an idea of what it was like inside.

    • KrisNewAnimal
    • January 19th, 2011

    great show! but damn, were those Black Lips kids were fuckin wild! 😀

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