This week’s shows (12/27/2010-1/2/2011)

JEFF the Brotherhood

Damn.  Monday snuck up on me.  Go see these shows….

Wednesday (12/29/2010)

I don’t really know anything about headliners Rolling Nowhere or openers Jeremy Eggers, but middle act Efren plays some pretty nice alt-country that’s got a vaguely psychedelic streak.  Catch them at The Earl on Wednesday.  Or you could catch The Clap (featuring two members of Mermaids) do their noise-pop thing over at Star Bar.  Wife, Ghost Bikini, and Street Violence open that one.

Thursday (12/30/2010)

The Black Lips and Deerhunter play the last ever show at the current Eyedrum location.  This one’s probably going to get insane, right?  Hope you got tickets already, because it is very sold out.

Friday (12/31/2010)

There are plenty of really great New Years Eve options this year:

– The Earl:  Noot d’Noot‘s spaced-out funk sounds like a great way to celebrate New Years Eve.  Gentleman Jesse and His Men and Gringo Star play, too.

– Star Bar:  You can get the most bands per buck at Star Bar, where $5 gets you sets from 5 locals and a band out-of-towners that plays here so often that they ought to get honorary status.  There’s not a bad band in the bunch, either.  Howlies, Young Orchids, abby gogo, The N.E.C., Dead Rabbits, and The Dirty Lungs make up the lineup.

– Highland Inn Ballroom:  This is the nights danciest option, with sets from Sealions and Sonen.

– The Music Room:  This is the night’s most proggy, technical option, with sets from ODIST, Nigredo, and The Humboldt Trio.

– 529:  And finally, this is where I’ll be.  I fully endorse all those local shows above, but I can’t pass up a chance to catch Nashville’s JEFF the Brotherhood and Heavy Cream on the greatest of all drinking holidays.  Local favorites Mermaids and GG King open.

Saturday (1/1/2011)

Load up on liquids, carbs, and a little bit of grease, then drag your hungover ass to The Earl for another night of Noot d’Noot, Gentleman Jesse, and Gringo Star.  The lineup is shifted on Saturday, with Gentleman Jesse headlining and Noot d’Noot opening the evening with an improv set.

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