[REVIEW] Small Reactions – “Cult Hero Jonathan Lewin” b/w “Fat Zebra” 7″

Armed with guitars that are equally adept at being both jagged and jangly, Small Reactions play a daylight-friendly take on post-punk that wants to be your friend.  Those dual guitars bounce around on A-side “Cult Hero Jonathan Lewin” until it sounds like the track’s wrapping itself up sometime before the four minute mark.  But then the song hangs around for a couple minutes longer, and nobody really minds because the company is so good.  The similarly unhurried “Fat Zebra” rocks some serious Peter Hook bass on the B-side, along with some solid kiss-off lyrics delivered in an endearingly imperfect yelp.   It all sort of sounds like what might happen if Gang of Four got drunk, let their guard down, and stopped being so incensed about stuff.

This 7” is the band’s recorded debut. Help them celebrate at 529 this Friday with Sorry No Ferrari, Sons of Thor, and The Tar Bay Beez.

  1. January 24th, 2011
  2. February 22nd, 2011

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