Review: New Terminus – Vol. 1 EP

New Terminus don’t give off the impression that they’re trying to reinvent guitar-driven indie rock, they just sound like they want play it really well. Their guitar tone is clean, the choruses crunch, those choruses follow verses. There’s nothing on their debut EP that you haven’t heard before, but that’s actually part of the appeal. These three unassuming songs provide the same kind of kicks you get from watching a well-made genre film: you might know where the plot’s headed from the outset, but it goes through all the familiar motions so well that it’s hard to complain.

Of the three songs here, “Ancient Photograph” is probably the standout. It knows when to lean on the accelerator and hits a nice peak somewhere around the bridge. On “It Seems Obscene” the band resembles a mellower Dismemberment Plan, but that could just be because singer Jonathan Sleep sounds like a dead ringer for Travis Morrison. “Girl Like Her” starts off pretty textbook, but the instrumental midsection is a satisfying approximation of Superchunk.

You can sample the songs and buy it here.

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