Live Review: Local Natives

Local Natives

In case you missed it yesterday, you can find my live review of this past weekend’s Local Natives show over at Dead Journalist.

A couple of random thoughts that had no real business making it into the review…

– It can be fairly shocking how many teenagers make it out to the larger, all ages shows at The Masquerade.  It makes me wonder how different age restrictions would have affected attendance at some of the lesser attended shows I’ve seen lately.  Would more than 30 people have shown up to The Earl for Screaming Females if they’d been able to get in?  How about Sharon Van Etten at 529?  Both were on weeknights, though, so maybe it wouldn’t have been much different.  Also, bar sales have got to be huge for both those places.  Both can probably afford off nights, attendance-wise, because there’s always going to be people drinking there, even if they’re not paying cover.

– If you only have 12 songs, and everyone knows you only have 12 songs, and you’re a headlining band that’s expected to play for around an hour, why do an encore break?  Seriously.  When Local Natives left the stage after 10 songs, it was obvious they were coming back out for two more, especially since they had yet to play “Sun Hands.”  There’s no way they’re leaving without playing that one, and everyone knows it.  The encore break had zero impact on my enjoyment of the show, but that’s kind of the point.  It just seemed…silly.

  1. Great thought on the encore. Couldn’t agree more. I will admit that encore walk-offs make some sense when you’ve been on stage for 90-120 minutes and literally need a little break, but not after 10 songs.

  2. Yeah, definitely. Take a breather if you’ve been up there for awhile. And if a band has that much material, they’re probably going to need to discuss the encore anyway.

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