Live Review: Sleepy Sun, Balmorhea @ The Earl, 9/12/2010

My review of Sunday’s Sleepy Sun/Balmorhea show is up over at Dead Journalist.  You can read it here.

I really can’t recommend Balmorhea enough, and I think the rest of the crowd would agree.  You might have read me (and Dead Journalist and Latest Disgrace) complaining about crowd noise at last month’s Oryx and Crake show at The Earl.  That wasn’t a problem on Sunday.  The circumstances probably had something to do with that:  showgoers are typically drinking less on a Sunday than they are on a Saturday, and there were significantly less people there.  But it still seemed like the crowd was keeping silent out of respectful awe.  During some of their quietest moments, the only noises you could hear from the audience were the clicks of digital cameras.

That video above doesn’t totally reflect that, as you can hear the crowd at a few points.  I kind of like the effect it has on the audio, though.  The crowd noise is mostly unobtrusive, and when it does pop up it makes them sound like they’re using found sound a la The Books.

There’s a few more pictures after the jump.



Sleepy Sun

Sleepy Sun

Sleepy Sun

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