This week’s shows in Atlanta (9/1-9/5)

– Tonight, it’s hip hop vs. metal.  I haven’t decided yet between Count Bass D at 529, or Sons of Tonatiuh at The Earl.  I’m leaning slightly toward the latter.  It will probably depend on my mood when I leave the house.

– Thursday’s best bet is at 529 with locals The N.E.C. and WYMYNS PRYSYN plus semi-locals Thank God, who appear to be a stop-start weirdo psych-punk band or something.  Seems interesting.  Siamese Twin are also playing.

– Friday’s got buzzy Merge Records band The Love Language, who’ve put out two pretty solid albums in the past two years.  That’s at The Earl.  Good local support from Howlies, too.  TLL also play Criminal Records at 5 for free.

Autolux is probably the highest profile show of the weekend, but if you’re like me and never managed to get into them, there’s lots of other options on Saturday night, too.  You can catch some good local punk at 529 with Customers and Predator, or you can see some southern rock (of the bluesy and psychedelic varieties, respectively) in the form of Dead Rabbits and The Dirty Lungs at Highland Inn Ballroom.  The most interesting option is at Eyedrum, though: Justice Yeldham and the Dynamic Ribbon Device. It’s a guy playing an amplified piece of glass with his mouth through a bunch of distortion pedals. Apparently it can get gory.

– I’ve got nothing for Sunday.  Suggestions?

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