Ted Leo’s move to musical theater

[UPDATE] Ted Leo is a troll and today’s big announcement was just a video for “Bottled in Cork” where the band puts on a shitty Broadway musical.  I don’t feel too bad for falling for it, though.  That previous theater project he was working on seems to have been real, and I wasn’t totally buying the “influences” he mentioned (although I thought they were just a joke added onto an otherwise serious post).  Anyway, well played.  The video is here.

Read this first.

When there were rumors of Ted Leo’s retirement earlier this year, I was pretty bummed out.  It was only slightly better after he set the record straight and made it clear he wasn’t going to stop making music.  It was obvious that the Ted Leo that toured like a maniac while managing to remain reasonably prolific wasn’t going to be around much longer.

It didn’t sound like he was considering musical theater, though.  In case you didn’t read his post (which you really should, even if you’re only a minor fan), he’s working on a musical theater project that he (jokingly?) [EDIT: yes, jokingly] says is inspired by Across the Universe, American Idiot, and Slippery When Wet.  It’s apparently already completed and will debut August 23rd on a website that hasn’t yet been revealed (please don’t let it be Pitchfork).

After letting the news settle for a whole two hours, I think this sounds promising.  It’s definitely better than seeing him get a 9-5 job and fall off the map completely, and I would totally want to see a Ted Leo musical.  I’m not much of a musical theater fan, but the prospect of Leo writing songs in a rock opera fashion actually sounds kind of great.  Anything that keeps the guy afloat and producing is fine by me.

Here’s a video of Ted playing “Old Souls Know,” a track from the EP/bonus disk that came packaged with Living with the Living. I’ve always thought it was overlooked and wish it had found a permanent place in the live repertoire.

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