This week’s shows

I’m finally back in Atlanta after being gone for a little over a week. I missed some great bands (Boris, The Poison Arrows, Black Cobra, Built to Spill), but I did manage to make it back last night in time for Abby Go Go and Mermaids at 529. That was a good start to a packed week that has something worth going to nearly every single night. Here’s what I’m going to try to catch:

-Tonight, Gold-Bears headline 529. I’m excited to finally see them play. Dirty Girls, Standard Fare, and Rayon Beach support.

-Wednesday’s got some options. If you’re not heading out to a suburban amphitheater to see one of the biggest rock bands in the world, We Listen For You is throwing a dance party at the Drunken Unicorn. There will be performances by The Pass, Brainbheats, and Payphone (which is Ryan Strang of locals Kid Stuff). WLFY is a good music blog with a strong perspective that you really ought to be reading, and this looks like it will be a fun time. Check out that flyer above for more info. If that doesn’t do it for you, though, you can also see The N.E.C. at Star Bar.

-Thursday’s a bit more quiet. Tous Les Jour, Street Violence, and Jon Allison of Abby Go Go are at 529. I assume there will also be something at Star Bar? Their endearingly inadequate website doesn’t have anything listed as of right now.  [EDIT:  I failed hard by not checking WonderRoot’s schedule before posting this.  Bomb the Music Industry! and The Wild are playing there Thursday and that’s easily the best bet of the night.]

-Friday has Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun at Star Bar. I can’t say I’ve loved what I’ve heard from them, but I understand the live show is very good. I’m mostly mentioning this show because Untied States are also on the bill, and they’re worth your $8 alone. Long Division also plays.  [EDIT:  More WonderRoot fail…Little Tybee, White Light Forest Choir, and others play Friday and are worth your money as well.]

-The Strange Daze Festival is happening this Saturday and Sunday on two levels of The Masquerade. The lineup is a pretty diverse mix of Atlanta bands, and there are going to be local artists and vendors present, too. Bands I’m looking forward to include Dead Rabbits, Jungol, White Light Forest Choir, and Sealions. The festival will also feature one of the final performances of It’s Elephants. More info and the full schedule here.

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