new 7″s from The Coathangers and Gentleman Jesse (reviews)

Last week was a good one for local vinyl. The Coathangers put out a remix 7” on Suicide Squeeze, and Gentleman Jesse and His Men played a release show for the first ever Live at the Earl 7”. Thoughts on both releases below.

The Dan Deacon remix of “143” is only identifiable as a Coathangers remix through the vocals. Otherwise it sounds like a Dan Deacon track. It starts with a sliced up vocal clip that becomes the backbone of the track, sort of like what Deacon did on “Woody Woodpecker” with the titular toon’s signature birdcall. It reminds me more of Deacon’s pre-Bromst material, when he was more idiosyncratic and fun, and didn’t seem so concerned with creating huge compositions that showed off his music degrees. I liked that Dean Deacon better, and I really like this remix.

On the b-side, locals Judi Chicago remix “Arthritis Sux” for the b-side, and they make something danceable out of one of The Coathangers’ most aggressive tracks. It’s fun, with heavy cowbell (or at least it sounds like cowbell), but it’s a little slight. I feel like this one could have used more room to breathe. At its current length, it just finds a groove and rides it for awhile, never really going anywhere. Pleasant enough wheel-spinning, though.

The new Gentleman Jesse 7” is the first in The Earl’s “Live at the Earl” series. It’s a cool idea, and I hope all future releases are also accompanied by $5 release shows that include a copy of the record. The a-side is a cover of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ “Deanna,” which makes the transition to power pop easier than expected. I guess the original is about as peppy as Cave gets, but it’s still surprising to hear how much this sounds like it could be a Gentleman Jesse original. The other track is a cover of Roky Erickson’s “I Walked With a Zombie.” I’m embarrassed to admit that the only Erickson releases I’ve ever listened to are The Psychedelic Sound of the 13th Floor Elevators and this year’s Okkervil River collaboration, so I’ll just say that I like this cover and leave it at that. Both songs were recorded live at The Earl on Halloween 2009.

The Coathangers 7” is limited to 750 copies (250 Green, 500 Black) and can be bought here. I picked mine up at the merch booth Thursday night, so it’s possible they’ll still have some available at shows. I’m not sure how to get a copy of the Gentleman Jesse 7” – I can’t find a link for it online. There were 500 copies pressed, and those who showed up at Thursday’s crowded show got one for free, so there’s probably not too many of them left out there.  Check the merch booth next time you see them.

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