Creative Loafing Music Issue + Party @ Star Bar


Last week, Creative Loafing put out their first ever all-music issue. It was mostly good. The Cabbagetown oral history and making of Aquemini pieces were both very well done, and the photo essay was nice. But some of the interviews/conversations went nowhere. The Bradford Cox interview was probably the most egregious example – Cox spent most of the time resisting the subject he was ostensibly being interviewed about and trying to distance himself from both the current and former Atlanta music scenes. He’s always an interesting subject, but the packaging seemed disingenuous. It didn’t mesh with the themes of the rest of the issue, but it was dressed up like it did anyway. At least it was more substantial than the Gentleman Jesse/Coco conversation, which was amusing but slight, and the Frobos/Lopez one, which didn’t even manage to be amusing.

Those minor quibbles aside, I think it was a solid issue and a good effort, and the show they threw to celebrate was a blast. Star Bar’s a great place for a party, and the lineup was a strong representation of the local indie scene.

I missed Gold-Bears because the show miraculously started on time. Mermaids took the stage around 10, and the place was already starting to get packed. It was my third time seeing them in the past month, but fatigue hasn’t set in yet. Same with The Coathangers – I’ve seen them more than any other band since I moved to Atlanta, but I never get sick of seeing them live. Both bands seemed particularly energized on Saturday.

Howlies played last, and it would be hard to think of a more fitting band to headline a celebration of local music. Last time I saw them I wrote about how much I liked their new material. Since then they’ve released a couple of those new songs in the form of a free virtual 7” (get it here). Both those tracks showed up on Saturday, as did a few other new ones. They already feel familiar.

I was lazy about pictures because I figured Creative Loafing would have some up. You can find those here. I also grabbed a Howlies setlist, but I’m in the process of moving and don’t know where it is right now. I’ll add that to the post once I find it.

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